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What is Laminate Flooring Plank Design?

When someone is talking about laminate flooring plank design, it is usually in reference to the amount of strips of wood within one single plank of laminate. Laminate flooring offers selections that come with 1, 2, or 3-strip appearances. Each selection gives a different look that can add both subtle and drastic changes to your room.

So what does 1-strip, 2-strip, and 3-strip even mean?

1-strip laminate flooring plank design is what it sounds like – one plank of laminate with the appearance of one single board. 1-strip laminate is offered in many different colors and designs, and also gives you the option of having a square or beveled edge. 1-strip laminate flooring looks great large rooms, and can be used in smaller rooms. However, 1-strip plank designs may overwhelm a smaller room since the planks are so large. This is where you may want to add the appearance of more planks, without the extra work.

1-strip laminate flooring plank design
1-Strip Laminate Flooring Plank Design

2-strip as well as 3-strip laminate flooring plank design is one single plank with the appearance of 2 or 3 boards within it. The multi-strip planks essentially make it appear as though there are more boards installed than there really is. Both 2-strip and 3-strip designs are made with a square edge, to keep the illusion of seamless planks through the whole room. This can sometimes make installation easier for installers as they are only installing one larger board rather than three smaller ones. Because multi-strip planks appear to have more boards in on plank they also have a positive impact on small rooms. They can make a smaller room appear larger with their appearance of more planks.

2 & 3 Strip Laminate flooring plank design

Which ever design of laminate plank you decide to use, they all come in different colors and widths to suit your designing needs. Check out all of our plank designs on Bestlaminate and see which best fits you!

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