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Laminate Flooring vs Hardwood. The Choice In Flooring Is Yours!

Laminate flooring is one of the simplest ways to give your home a “wow” factor! Chances are, along the way, you contemplated; “What about hardwood, in place of laminate?” The age old debate arises, laminate flooring vs hardwood. If you are considering hardwood, you must realize that hardwood is a natural product. You will see “dings,” you will notice movement within your flooring, as well as fading as time goes on. In the world of laminate flooring, scratches, stains, and dents are almost non-existent. Laminate flooring provides a great resistance to normal everyday household traffic and incidents. Face it, a lived in house is where you will find active families. Most families need the extra protection that hardwood flooring just can’t give them.

How Is Laminate Flooring Made?

Laminate flooring is constructed using either the two-step high pressure laminate process (HPL) or a one-step direct laminate process (DL). During the process high temperature and high pressure are used to adhere wood fibers and adhere the overlay decor paper and backing material. Take a closer look how Kronoswiss , eco-friendly laminate flooring is made.


Laminate flooring comes in a number of finishes. If you’re looking for the finish closely resembling hardwood, handscraped laminate gives the illusion of real hardwood flooring. The best thing about a laminate floor? The color you have upon installation, is the color you will continue to have. Most laminate flooring is fade resistant! Therefore, you do not have to worry about the sun hitting your flooring in a certain spot or where you will place that particular piece of furniture.


Laminate flooring is DIY friendly and very easy to install. Hardwood can be a much more extensive installation project. For the avid do it your selfer, striving to save a little bit of money along the way, laminate flooring is your dream floor. With an ability to snap a few boards together, your laminate flooring will be installed in no time at all. With laminate flooring, you do NOT need to rent or purchase any expensive tools to install your new flooring. If you are doubting your skills, by all means, call a professional.

Moisture Resistance

Laminate flooring is moisture resistant, while hardwood and moisture do not mix. Hardwood experiences a lot of movement when the moisture level changes. Therefore, if you do not want to worry about the movement of your flooring, laminate flooring would be a better choice for you. Laminate flooring does not squeak or make interesting “natural” sounds, as hardwood flooring does. Please keep in mind that laminate flooring is still at risk for water damage if water is left too long on the surface. You should also make sure to install a vapor barrier if you are installing over a cement subfloor to prevent moisture from seeping through and damaging you laminate.

Visqueen 6Mil PE Vapor Barrier
Visqueen 6Mil PE Vapor Barrier will protect your floors from cement subfloors!


With so many different patterns and styles to choose from at Bestlaminate, you will find a pattern of laminate flooring that will fulfill your flooring needs. Not only can laminate mimic the look or hardwood, but it can also look like cement, tile, and natural stone! You can seriously cut down your time cleaning and save a little money as well by installing laminate flooring instead of cement, tile, or stone.

Classen VisioGrande Screed Light cement laminate flooring
Classen VisioGrande Screed Light cement laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring vs. Hardwood Flooring

  Laminate Flooring Solid Wood Flooring
Fading Fade Resistant Can fade in direct sunlight and leave outlines of furnishings
Wear Will not wear through. Cannot be refinished Can show wear in high traffic areas. Can be refinished
Stains Will not stain Will stain easily
Dent/Scratch Resistance Dent, scratch and chip resistant Dents are common with high heels, pets, and heavy furniture. Can scratch easily.
Moisture Moisture resistant Can warp from excessive moisture
Care Easy care, surface does not hold dirt and no polish or refinishing is ever needed Requires periodic polishing, sanding and refinishing

The ongoing battle will continue amongst consumers, laminate flooring vs hardwood. We cannot argue with someone if they choose hardwood over laminate because it fits the needs of them and their family. And sometimes, homeowners just want to try a natural product that ties in with their décor. But, from a consumer that does not enjoy a lot of maintenance projects, laminate flooring would be our choice any day!

Do you have additional questions? Post them in the comments section and we will be happy to answer them all.

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  1. I agree with article completely! Laminate is by far the best choice for any family with children and pets. It is the most durable and affordable option out there. Laminate flooring companies have come a long way with getting their flooring to look more like hardwood. There is a company called Quick-Step Laminate Flooring that has two great handscraped laminate lines. One is Country and the other is Sculptique. These floors are absolutely gorgeous! Take a look at their website at to see for yourself!

    • Thank you Kristin and welcome to laminate lovers club 🙂 Stay with us for our next article : “Green Laminate Flooring”…we should talk in it about Quick-Step as well…

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