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Is laminate flooring water resistant?

Is laminate flooring water resistant?

We are often asked is laminate flooring water resistant. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t cut and dry. Most surface spills can be wiped up quickly and will not cause any harm, however if spills are allowed to soak into the joints of the laminate, major issues can occur. Here is the break down:

Laminate Flooring Is Water Resistant

If you are worried about your pets or kids destroying your laminate flooring, due to spilling drinks, or potty accidents, don’t worry too much. Laminate flooring is recognized to be one of the most pet and kid friendly flooring solutions on the market. Accidents can be cleaned up easily with little repercussion, so long as you get to them quickly.

Laminate flooring is pet and kid friendly!

Laminate Flooring Is Not Water Proof

Water resistance should not be confused with waterproof. Waterproof means water will not be able to permeate the surface of the object. While water resistant means the object will resist, though does not entirely prevent the penetration of water. If you leave a spill unattended on a laminate flooring, you will be sorry you did it. What happens is the spill will seep into the locking system and cause the edges of the laminate to cup or buckle, ultimately ruining your floor. You can mitigate some of this risk, however. In areas with a high risk of moisture exposure, such a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, it is recommended to glue the joints in between planks. This will create a more moisture resistant surface.

Laminate flooring is not completely waterproof

What Are My Other Options?

If you are looking for an option that is fully waterproof, luxury vinyl plank flooring may be the solution for you.  This virgin vinyl alternative is made to be 100% water resistant, yet still has the natural wood look and texture you are looking for. Some vinyls are even cheaper than laminate, making it an affordable and reasonable option for your bathroom, laundry room, or any other moisture prone room in your home!

Choose vinyl flooring if you want waterproof flooring
Choose vinyl flooring if you want waterproof flooring

If you still have questions about laminate flooring and it’s water resistant ability, please write them in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them for you!

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