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Martha O’Hara Interiors

Decorator Review: Top Rooms by Martha OHara

If you’ve hung around the interior design industry for some time, chances are you’ve heard the name Martha O’Hara. This award winning designer is affiliated with some of the best associations and organizations in the interior decorating world. Now, it’s your turn to glean inspiration from her top rooms.

The Martha OHara Concept

Martha and her team of designers work in Minnesota and Texas but help homeowners across the country. Their philosophy is based on three core components: Functionality, style, and value.

Martha OHara’s business has been awarded Best of Houzz design awards for three years running. Now, we’re bringing you some of her top rooms to offer some inspiration for your next home decorating project.

One for the Animals

In one of this design company’s Austin projects, animals took over. The team incorporated animal print in the upholstery, animals in the wall hangings, and included animals on their website portfolio.

In spite of the funky vibe, this home maintained a chic design filled with color and bold textures. The bright pops of pink brought a modern feel to the living room, while the subdued blues and oranges gave the home a cozy, country feel.

Martha Ohara

Primary Hues Take Over

Do you love blues, reds, and yellows? Then you’ll love the way Martha OHara Interiors incorporated them into this home in California.

In one room, bright cobalt blues are used on the chairs with accents of red on the walls. In another room, yellows are used with dark navy blue throw pillows. The continuation of blues, yellows, and reds throughout the house gave each room a fresh new look while maintaining a strong level of consistency.

Martha Ohara

Pure White (and Some Color)

It’s not all about bright prints and colors with Martha OHara Interiors. Another home that they designed is quite the opposite.

In a home on Edgcumbe Road, almost everything is white except the floors and a few accent pieces. The chairs are a shade of white, the kitchen is white, the light fixtures are white – everything is white.

It works though, because the floors are dark. This stark contrast brings a modern vibe to the home and gives it a unique flair.

The finishing touches add a little bit of color. Lemons on the white countertops stand out with citrus-y pride. Blue pillows look bolder than ever on the area chairs. The design comes together with these small enhancements scattered about making the room sparkle a little brighter.

Martha Ohara

Martha OHara Interiors uses color intermittently in designs. Using these rooms as inspiration, you can bring that same chic, yet colorful look to your house. Visit her website, or find her on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Which of these top rooms is your favorite?

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