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What are micro beveled edges on laminate flooring?

Micro-beveled edges refers to the edge of the laminate flooring planks. Micro-beveled edges are tiny grooves in between planks which create a distinct line between planks and make each plank look like real hardwood.

What are micro beveled edges on laminate flooring?

Beveled edges are often referred to as V-grooves, as each plank is milled to give the plank its own distinct look. Beveled edges are a win-win for the consumer, as the laminate flooring looks real, yet offers resistance to scratches, sunlight, and almost anything you can toss its way. Exotic, Traditional, and even Contemporary styles of laminate flooring all offer a beveled edge. You will usually find beveled edges on single-plank style laminate flooring because it adds depth to the individual plank.

Should I Get A Laminate with Micro-Beveled Edges?

Customers often worry that beveled edges can be difficult to clean, which is not the case. Beveled edges are not very deep and can be easily swept with a broom or vacuum. If you keep up with the maintenance and cleaning of your flooring, beveled edges will not cause any issues.

If you are unsure about beveled edges in your home, simply order a sample to see if you like the look. The alternate option would be a square edge floor which has perfectly square edges that come together to create a seamless and ideally smooth surface.

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