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Mixing Old and New for the Perfect Vintage Look

I love going to visit my grandma. In her living room, she uses an old trunk as her coffee table. This isn’t just any old trunk though. This is the trunk her family used when moving to the United States through Ellis Island.

On top, it’s rather unsuspecting. She has your regular coffee table affair of coasters, magazines, and conversation starters.

But, get her to clear away the modern day decorations and inside you’ll find a rich history. There are pictures, pregnancy journals from when she had her kids over 65 years ago, and old handkerchiefs that were (thankfully) never used for anything more than decoration.

I’ve always admired her style, so much so that it got me thinking about how to mix my decor for a perfect vintage look in the living room of my new home.

Start With the Treasure Chest 

What type of treasures and old family heirlooms do you have?

Old jewelry, artwork, or maybe a few handkerchiefs of your own (they used to be quite popular) can easily be turned into stunning decor. Frame them. Set them on your mantles. Or hang them from the walls. It’s an effortless way to add some old style and personality to your living room. Take a look at these great DIY ideas for your family heirlooms.

An added bonus: These types of decor pieces are perfect conversation starters too!

Go Ahead and Mimic Your Favorite Vintage Styles 

My husband always loves looking at the globes in his grandpa house. There are so many! Some are big, some are faded, some are not accurate, but all are filled with personality.

His grandpa isn’t ready to give those globes up, but we wanted to replicate the same type of decor in our home. So, on our shelf is a globe bought from Home Goods. It’s sitting next to my favorite book of all time, The Velveteen Rabbit. This combination looks chic but it’s also filled with story.

Shabby Chic and Vintage Decor

You can do the same in your living room. Buy old pieces you love from decorating stores. Even if they’re not the exact pieces your family owned, they’re still able to trigger old memories. Mix modern furniture pieces, such as a couch, with vintage accents, like a thrifted armchair.

Eclectic Living Room by Portland Window Treatments Decorview with Emily Henderson

Match Your Floors 

Shabby chic floors are a hot trend right now in the decorating world and for good reason. These floors are designed to look a little weathered and worn. People love them in living rooms because the weathered look gives them a cozy, comfortable appeal.

Updating your floors can have a huge impact on your decor. Choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect one to match the style that best reminds you of a home you used to love visiting.

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