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DIY Christmas Gifts Made With Wood

Wood decor and rustic projects are some of the top trends in design this year. If predictions hold true, they’ll continue to be enormously popular for years to come. That’s because wood offers a traditional and timeless look. It’s classic and classy. As you start to look at DIY Christmas gift tutorials, consider gifts that offer long-term decor. The first step …

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Modern Meets Traditional in this Award-Winning Farmhouse

farmhouse home tour

Labeled the “Field of Dreams Home”, home builder Scott Maynes and his sister, designer Karen Jones, created this home with a traditional focus that blended with the modern necessities of the 21st century. Building this home for a larger family, space, functionality and lifestyle were huge factors in the design. All About Home Design chose a Quick-Step Malted Tawny Oak Laminate …

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Guest Blogger: Shannon Fox of Fox Hollow Cottage

I am so excited to have Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage join our crew of amazing contributors! She’s not only a phenomenal blogger, but a truly humble and kind person to collaborate with. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Shannon shares all of her home adventures, from beginner friendly DIY and decorating ideas, to whole room renovations. Her cottage undergoes many decor and seasonal changes that are …

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Meet our Guest Blogger: Angie at Postcards From the Ridge

It’s my pleasure to introduce Angie, creator of the DIY and design blog, Postcards From the Ridge! On her blog, where the mantra is there’s no place like home, you’ll find a host of budget friendly home ideas from paint colors, DIY’s, tutorials and design schemes. If you’re doing a home make-over, you’ll definitely want to stop by her blog! …

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Meet our Guest Blogger: Arastasia Rolain

I couldn’t be happier to introduce our newest guest blogger to Passion for Home, Arastasia Rolain. This collaboration is very close to my heart, as Arastasia previously worked with me at Bestlaminate. Now a resident of South Carolina, Arastasia is enjoying everything the southern lifestyle has to offer! As a talented photographer, owner of Arastasia Photography, and skilled artist, Arastasia’s …

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Meet our Guest Blogger: Jeanette of Snazzy Little Things

After connecting with Jeanette on Twitter and finding out she is a past customer of ours, I am so excited to have her be a contributor on Passion for Home! Jeanette is the owner of, an inspiration and e-store site for home improvement, craft and interior design enthusiasts. She chronicles her own home improvement journey with beautiful pictures and …

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What is the Best Laminate Floor for a Beach House

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Dear Hilary, Great question! Finding the best laminate floor for a beach house isn’t always easy. You’re smart to be conscientious of water from the canal. As you know, laminate is not completely waterproof. Still, the right products are durable enough to stand up to the occasional spill or tracking in of water. It shouldn’t stand in your way of purchasing …

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DIY Thrifted Batik Place Mats


I have a confession to make. I’ve lived in my house for almost two years and have done next to no decorating. Sure, I’ve put up some shelves, carefully arranged some nick-knacks, but no real decorating. I’ve even left up some of the curtains from the previous owners, ack! I could easily make excuses as to why I haven’t done …

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Can I use laminate flooring under cabinets?

Installing laminate flooring under cabinets is a very common question for homeowners. When installing laminate flooring in kitchens and bathrooms, you cannot place cabinets or any hardware that is meant to be bolted permanently to the floor on the laminate. Installing these items on top of your new flooring will cause pressure and not let the flooring expand and contract to …

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What to Watch Out For When Buying Discount Flooring

When it comes to redoing the floors in your home, have you considered discount flooring? Buying new floors at a low price is a bargain. However, before you whip out your credit card on a good deal, it’s important to consider just how discount a discount floor really is. Are there extra costs associated with the flooring of choice? Will …

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