Pergo Accolade Laminate Flooring – A Deep Look Into the Newest Collection

Pergo recently re-designed their entire Pergo Accolade Laminate Flooring collection. They changed not only dropped off the old colors but also the features of each collection. We would like to take you for a tour so you can take a deep look into the newest Pergo Accolade floors and compare the old with new ones.

The Old Accolade Collection

First, lets talk about the old Accolade collection. Bestlaminate introduced this Accolade floors in 2008 and right from the start this collection was a hit along our customers. I agree with Pergo statement about Accolade floors: “Delightfully Easy. Beautifully affordable”, it was amazing looking collection at the very reasonable money offering fabulous features. Old Accolade planks were equipped with a premium attached underlayment, making installation very easy and cost-effective. Another bonus of the pre-attached underlayment was its sound reducing properties providing the truest natural sound. Additionally all old Accolade floors featured Luster Guard Plus surface protection- an exclusive surface technology that improves scuff and scratch protection, keeping your Pergo floor looking great all the time.

To ensure Pergo is the most dependable laminate flooring you can buy, we use only superior quality materials  like LusterGuard Plus, a patented surface overlay that improves scuff and scratch protection to keep Pergo looking newer longer- Pergo

The plank format was 7.6″ wide x 47.5″ long and with dual-locking system and All-Over Texture the floor was made very well to replicate the natural looking planks. All-Over-Texture was randomly embossed in the flooring surface during the production process, giving Pergo Accoalode floors their unique natural look. With 25- year residential warranty this product was  a best seller, so we were very sadden when we got a note about dropping by Pergo off this entire collection.Early this year we introduced new Accolade floors and we had our reservations how popular this floor will be. After few weeks we leaned that new Pergo Accolade Laminate Flooring collection provides a warm, modern look at a very affordable price.

Comparison Chart

With several key features including surface protection and resistance to heavy residential traffic, new Pergo Accolade comes in a wide variety of designs that are sure to catch your eye! But before we will take a closer look at the new collection lets compare the specifications of all and new collection.


OLD Accolade

NEW Accolade

Surface Texture

All- Over Embossed Texture

All- Over Embossed Texture

Edge Style




7.6” x 47.5”

7.6” x 47.5”

Locking System

Dual Lock

Dual Lock

Core Thickness

8mm (5/16”)

8mm (5/16”)

Attached Underlayment




25 year residential

30 year residential

AC Rating



Box Content (sq.ft)

17.59 sq.ft

20.17 sq.ft

Box Content ( # planks)



Luster Guard Plus



Explaining The Differences

One notable difference is that the new Accolades do not come with a pre-attached underlayment, but there is a much better warranty. Another difference is in a packaging; Box of the new Accolade contains 20.17 square feet comparing to 17.59 for old Accolades and has one more plank. Rest of the features is pretty similar, and I am very happy to notice that all the great features like All-Over-Texture, Luster Guard Plus  and Dual-Locking System to be offered with new Accolades.

Whether you choose classic or exotic plank, you can rest assured that your Pergo floor will perform. All floors feature LusterGuard Plus surface protection and Pergo’s Dual-Locking joint for easy installation and tight, strong seams- Pergo

Now, we are familiar with all the Accolade features, lets take a deeper look at all the colors featured in a new collection. Pergo introduced 12 new laminate colors, including 9 wood and 3 slate decors. I am noticing that majority of wood planks are variations of the oak and they all

The New Accolade Colors

Abbington Fruitwood: A beautiful, red traditional floor with dark grains
Argentinian Oak: A cozy twist on tradition that will warm your heart and your home!
Castlewood Maple: Can’t decide whether to go dark or light? Do both! This unique floor is a beautiful blonde maple with a dark, burnt-wood style grain.
Eastlake Oak: This floor is the very definition of rustic! Give your home the look and feel of a cabin in the country
Mayfield Mahogany: Nothing compares to the richness of mahogany to give your home a truly regal feel!
Parkside Oak: If you have an older home and wish to keep that time-worn feel, this floor is perfect for you!
Rustic Caldera Oak: A darker twist on the Parkside Oak, adding a certain luxury to the feel of a time worn oak
Waverly Oak: This floor is all about the classic beauty of oak, with a golden hue that accents nearly any décor!
Westbury Pine: Put this floor in areas with a lot of natural light to get the feeling of a coastal cottage!
California Gold Slate: The perfect floor for a sunroom or solarium!
Claremont Slate: A beautiful slate look, perfect for that modern bathroom
Urban Distressed Metal: This tile floor will enhance the look of kitchens with stainless steel appliances, for a very sleek look

These floors will completely renew any room, giving it a whole new feel that you will love for years to come!  Pergo Accolade provides a warm, modern look at a very affordable price.These floors will completely renew any room, giving it a whole new feel that you will love for years to come!

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