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Pergo Accolade Laminate Flooring is Ranked in August 2010 Consumer Report

In the August 2010,, Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is listed as a “Best Buy” for its affordable price combined with exceptional durability. At Bestlaminate, we want you to understand why Consumer Reports rated this as a top flooring to choose for your home!

Why Choose Pergo Accolade

According to they “put a cross section of major brands through our torture test of scuffs, scrapes, spills and other kitchen abuse.” Overall score was based mainly on resistance to wear, scratches, dents, stains, sunlight, moisture and price of the product.

Several other brands and floor styles were evaluated, to name just a few: Armstrong, Dupont, Bruce, Shaw, Mannington and only 3 floors were named “Best Buy”. EcoTimber- for their pre-finished wood floors, Pergo Accolade Collection, and Nafco for PerformaStone Natural Slate floors.

As with all of Pergo’s flooring, Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is put through an intense testing process. From a wear test which simulates years of foot traffic, to the dent test, Pergo makes sure this laminate flooring will stay tough for years to come.

Watch This Demo From Pergo On How Tough Their Floors Are:

Invest in Pergo Accolade For Your Home

Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is an affordable investment that you will be proud to say you made.  With a raving review and numerous choices, Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is an excellent choice in flooring when it comes to a family with an active lifestyle.

Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is an 8mm flooring and is available in different shades, colors, as well as textures from Mahogany, to American Beech, to Reclaimed Barnwood. You will find a style that will suit your home! It’s remarkable blend of style, performance and affordability.

With a 25 year residential warranty, accompanied with a recommendation from, Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is sure to be a choice you will not regret. The choices are abundant and sure to provide years of enjoyment. Pergo Accolade laminate flooring is easy to maintain and will simplify your life.

And while Accolade floors may look like a million bucks, they only cost a few dollars a square foot.  This Pergo laminate flooring will give you many years of wear, along with a great value on your dollar.

Watch Bestlaminate’s Review of Pergo Accolade Laminate Flooring:

Convinced that Pergo Accolade was made for your next home renovation? We recommend ordering a free sample so that you can compare which flooring style best fits your style!

Learn More About Pergo Laminate Flooring:

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