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What Is Pergo Laminate Flooring?

Dear Bob and Betsy,
I’m exploring different types of laminate, but I’m confused. What is Pergo laminate flooring? Is it the best choice for me?
– Samantha C.

Dear Samantha,

Pergo has a fascinating spot in the laminate flooring industry. In fact, Pergo is the company that invented laminate floors!

Starting back as early as 1881, a Swedish company began refining beach wood using a special process. This process quickly caught on and in 1923, Perstorp Industrial Group used the laminate materials created by the Swedish company Stensmoella Kemiska Tekniska Industri to make radios.

Although the material was strong, it wasn’t a good fit for radios. Perstorp creators went back to the drawing board to find another use for their innovative laminate materials.

In 1974, they started using the laminate on countertops. Although this was a little bit more popular, it wasn’t enough to keep the company profitable. In 1977, Perstorp was at risk of losing their company due to poor sales. After putting together a group to brainstorm new uses for laminate, the idea hit – flooring!

In 1977, the first laminate flooring was made by Perstorp, which soon changed its name to Pergo.

Pergo became the first manufacturer to produce and sell laminate flooring in the United States. They opened their first factory in Garner, North Carolina in 1996. After filing for several patents, Pergo continued to grow. In the late 1990’s, Pergo filed a patent for their unique click-in installation systems. In 2000, they added sound installation.

In 2006, laminate flooring became enormously popular. This is the year when the creative design was invented. Laminate now looked as attractive as tile and hardwood floors.

The innovation continues today. Pergo remains one of the most popular manufacturers of laminate flooring because of the new designs and sturdy materials.

If you’re interested in seeing if Pergo laminate flooring is right for you, order your free sample through us!

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