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Piano Finish Laminate Flooring – Add A Glow To Your Space

Piano finish laminate flooring is the ultimate way to add a glow to your home. When deciding what kind of floor will be perfect for your home, you may no longer want that typical old wood look. Thanks to the newest technology, your selection of laminate styles has expanded to the newest generation laminate flooring featuring a super shiny piano finish.

Same Flooring, Stunning New Glow

Piano finish laminate flooring comes in many different looks and colors. You can choose a traditional wood-look, such that you might find in traditional flooring. The difference is that this flooring has the brilliant finish of grand pianos. This gives your space an unforgettable glow that you can only get with piano finish laminate flooring.

These revolutionary floors have a revolutionary crisp decor layer to get the clearest detail and truest colors. You can decide you want to go with a very modern flooring. Choose a color flooring that you can style no matter what theme you are feeling! This is one of the reasons why this flooring style has become so popular.

Alloc Elite Glazed English Elm high gloss piano finish laminate flooring
Alloc Elite Glazed English Elm high gloss piano finish laminate flooring

When To Use Piano Finish Laminate Flooring?

If your space is small and dark, piano finish laminate may be the best option for your project. The glow reflects nearly all light and makes any space feel bright and fresh. In a large space, the gleam of the gloss gives a rich and luxurious feel. You can also use this flooring to make a statement in your home! If you don’t like the idea of focal walls, how about a focal floor? Use this flooring to make a statement you can be happy with for many years down the road.

Elesgo Super Gloss White laminate flooring
Elesgo Super Gloss White laminate flooring

Order a free sample today and see the glow yourself. It is truly astonishing and hard to believe that a glow so natural and beautiful can be so affordable.

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  1. Avatar

    Lovely looking range. Can we possibly have some information on supplying this in the UK. We currently supply a range of flooring like Karndean, Amtico and Quick-Step.

    Let me know

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Will, we’d recommend reaching out to Elesgo directly. They are based in Germany and supply most of our high-gloss looks.

  2. Avatar

    Where is Diamond Living laminate manufactured?

    • Avatar

      Sara, all Piano finish floors including Diamond Living and Armstrong Grand Illusions by Armstrong are made in China.

  3. Avatar

    I had this flooring installed a couple of weeks ago, and so far it is great. It looks beautiful and seems to be very durable. I had installed it in my home before i was finished with the remodel, and it has withstood some very rough carpenters(me included) and i cant find a single flaw in it. It seems to be a great product and would surely recommend it.

  4. Avatar

    Wondering how DL likes the Santa Fe Oak Home Legend now that is installed. We want to get the same thing, but have read some negative reviews that are scaring us away.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your question. Just few features of DL floors:
      1.Diamond Living floors are 12mm thick when Home Legend are 10mm
      2. Diamond Living offers best durability in the industry- this is the only Piano finish laminate that comes with AC4 -commercial rating
      3. Diamond Living floors have water resistant coated sided
      4. Diamond Living floors are made form Moisture resistant white HDF core
      5. Diamond Living floors offer best clarity and overall strength, they use technology that completely saturates the decor layer with Aluminum Oxide
      6. Installation is super easy with valinge2G System
      7. Lifetime warranty v/s 50 yr

      Another option for you will be Armstrong Grand Illusions – check all colors available at http://www.bestlaminate.net. You can order free samples online.

  5. Avatar

    Anyone used the Diamond Living laminate? Found a pretty good deal on it but cannot find any reviews.

  6. Avatar

    I just ordered and received the Home Legends Brand Laminate Flooring, Santa Fe Oak color, with Piano Finish, through Home Depot. It’s absolutely STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  7. Avatar

    Quick-Step also has a piano finish collection called Allustra. You can see this collection online at http://us.quick-step.com/?dir=products&page=viewSeries&series=25.

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