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How to Baby Proof Your Home

Preparing for Guests: How to Baby Proof Your Home

Did a family member just have a baby? Are they bringing the new baby to your house for Thanksgiving this year? Then you need to baby proof your home!

Babies are delightful bundles of joy. Unfortunately, they’re also prone to more accidents than your older guests. The corners of your home that are normally safe are riddled with dangers for babies. Before the new family member arrives, here are a few tips to help you rearrange so that everyone has a happy, relaxing holiday, injury free.

Take Note of the Stairs

Open stairs are a danger for a crawling baby. One step too far and the baby could stumble down the stairs getting bumped and bruised.

To protect the little ones in your house, install a baby gate at the top of the stairs or at the bottom, which ever you are trying to keep the little one from ascending and descending. Make sure the gate is secured and has a solid lock that can’t be easily opened by a small child.

Check Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cupboards

Babies love to pull pots, pans, and spoons out of drawers and use these as musical instruments. As fun as that is for the little ones, dangers hit when they pull out sharp objects, such as knives or skewers. When babies get ahold of drawers up high, they could pull them out too far, dumping the drawer on their head.

Keep your kitchen drawers and cabinets locked and secure with special baby-proof latches.

Clean Up and Throw Out

While your new guests are at your house, keep a close eye on your cleaning supplies.

Rags, clothes, and chemicals are extremely dangerous for human beings if ingested. They are even more dangerous for small children with growing bodies and weaker immune systems. Whenever you’re done cleaning up, toss your old rags and store your cleaning solutions in a place that’s out of reach.

Keep the Pet Food Hidden

Pets should not eat around babies. No matter how friendly your dog might be, if the baby sticks his or her hand into the pet food bowl during suppertime, they could get nibbled on unintentionally.

Feed your pets outside. This way, the baby is not at risk of eating some of the spilled pet food or getting bit accidentally.

Beware of Wide Open Spaces

Floors are fun for children to crawl and play, but little ones must always be supervised. If your home has wide open spaces, add a barrier between rooms so that your littlest visitor does not accidentally roam and get into trouble.

Babies are adorable, but without baby proofing your home, you could be putting your visitor at risk. Take these precautions and you’ll have a safer, happier house for the holidays.

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    It’s so bothersome to do childproofing but it really is a must.

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