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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Floors – Installing in the Bathroom

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Vinyl plank floors are an easy, affordable way to update any room, including bathrooms, since it is 100% water-resistant. As with any flooring product, there are pros and cons when it comes to vinyl plank floors. When it comes to installing vinyl in your bathroom, there are a few things to consider. We will cover if vinyl floor is a good idea for a bathroom and what potential cons you may experience.

Types of Vinyl Plank Flooring for the Bathroom

If you opt for a vinyl plank floor, there are a few options to choose from. All of these options will be 100% water resistance.

Glue Down Vinyl Planks

Another great option for a bathroom is a glue-down vinyl plank floor. This installation requires the planks to be glued to the subfloor.

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Floating Vinyl Planks

Floating vinyl plank flooring is installed by interlocking the seams and joints. This means that the floor floats as one singular piece.

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Vinyl Tiles

You may also see vinyl tiles when shopping for a vinyl plank floor. Vinyl tiles can be found in both glue-down and floating installation methods. The only different between a vinyl tile and vinyl plank is the stone or tile appearance vs. a wood look. Many people will opt for a tile look for a bathroom!

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Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring for the Bathroom

For vinyl plank flooring, we can argue the pros outweigh the cons for a bathroom installation. Let’s discuss why.

Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • 100% Waterproof – Vinyl flooring is 100% water resistance and can withstand daily water exposure with no issue.
  • Affordable – Vinyl plank flooring is a very affordable option for a small project, like a bathroom. You can also save money on installation, as it is DIY friendly.
  • DIY Installation – As mentioned above, you can save on your vinyl flooring installation by doing it yourself. Installation doesn’t require any power tools and can easily be completed in a few hours depending on the size of the space.
  • Commercial Durability – Vinyl flooring can have commercial-grade durability. Since a bathroom is used frequently, it can withstand a lot of traffic from busy families.
  • Anti-Slip – With vinyl flooring, the worries of having a slippery surface go out the window! Vinyl has an anti-static and anti-slip surface.
  • Flat Surface – With traditional bathroom floors, you may have a grouted tile. With vinyl flooring, you will have one continuous, flat surface.
  • Low Maintenance – Vinyl flooring is one of the most low maintenance floors on the market. You will find these floors easy to clean and care for with a simple maintenance routine.
  • Cohesive with Other Rooms – If you’re looking for a floating look between all rooms, vinyl is a great option! Instead of transitioning to tile, you can float the same flooring throughout the rooms and bath.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Subfloor Damage – Although vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, you want to ensure that your flooring has no gaps or potential for water to leak between edges. Water can cause damage beneath the planks, it is it important to caulk where necessary and follow all manufacturer instructions for installation in the bathroom. If you opt for a glue down vinyl, you will have a lot less worry, as the glue will be a protective barrier between the subfloor.
  • Puncturing – Vinyl flooring is durable, but the surface is soft. Sharp objects can cause dents and scratching. We’d recommend selecting a vanity that doesn’t have sharp or pointed legs to avoid any damage over time.
  • Glue Down Removal – If you go with a glue-down vinyl plank, it will be harder to remove if you ever want a change in the flooring.
  • Fading – Vinyl flooring is known to fade in direct sunlight. Most bathrooms will have some type of shade, so this may be less of a concern than usual installations.

Do The Pros Outweigh The Cons for a Bathroom?

For a bathroom, you can see there is a long list of pros. From being budget and DIY friendly, to its water resistance, vinyl is a great option for a full or 1/2 bath project. In our experience, the cons are minimal for this type of installation.

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Is Vinyl Flooring For Me?

That is for you to decide! For the consumer searching for an affordable, stunning looking floor; vinyl plank flooring offers a nice solution. It is also of the utmost importance that the instructions are followed when it comes to installing vinyl plank flooring, especially in a bathroom application. Most companies will not honor warranty requests when the flooring is not installed properly. If you are not a DIY project person, you may want to hire a professional to install your vinyl plank flooring. For the DIY project lover, vinyl plank flooring should be an easy project.

Vinyl plank flooring can be a good choice for the consumer searching for an affordable, durable floor that will look nice and withstand the wear and tear that can be tossed its way. As with any flooring purchase, educate yourself and know your limitations when it comes to the installation process. Know the pros and cons of vinyl plank floors before you install and you will appreciate the value of your new floor.

Have you installed vinyl plank flooring? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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Karen Nation July 27, 2023 - 12:51 pm

I am wanting to use a peel and stick for 2 reasons. I found one I love the pattern and seems it would be easier to install ourselves. We wouldn’t have to remove baseboards and cut under the door jams or whatever you call it. I think we would need a saw ect. I would need to rent a 100 lb roller though for peel and stick! My biggest fear with peel and stick is the foot noise! Its pretty thin and an underlayment isn’t possible because it wont stick to that! We have wood subfloors and currently have laminate. Is that a common occurrence with laminate over wood? Its a rental and my daughter is moving in and the floors just feel hollow like a trailer. I thought of adding a cement board everywhere after ripping up laminate! Would that stop the foot noise? If I installed LVP click lock would that stop the foot noise? Do all of the LVP comes with the backing that absorbs sound?

Rachel Vahcic August 1, 2023 - 2:05 pm

Thanks for your question, Karen. Peel and stick flooring is not a bad option because of it’s super easy install. However, a click lock vinyl floor will provide more durability and can help with noise. Additionally, underlayment will help with the noise where a peel and stick will not. Here are some floors we would recommend.

Luke Smith May 25, 2022 - 2:36 am

I like that you mentioned how there is no need to use expensive tools or adhesives when it comes to installing vinyl flooring. Our concrete floor got some cracks on it so we’re thinking of making it look better by covering it with a vinyl flooring. I should look for floor sale shops nearby and see what they have in stock.

Karen October 13, 2021 - 7:19 am

To piggyback off of Brit’s question a year ago…we had LVT professionally installed recently. We had a couple of low spots but were told 1/8” was within the acceptable range because if they put leveling compound on, it may make it worse in other areas. But it “clicks” all over. I wasn’t prepared for how noisy it would be. Is this a con and something we just have to live with or was there a problem with installation?

Vanessa October 14, 2021 - 8:28 am

Hi Karen. From what it sounds like, the installers should have leveled out the low spots or to leveled the entire subfloor. The LVT is clicking due to those imperfections in the subfloor. It is common for LVT to have foot fall sound on it but if you hear clicking, it is typically due to installation. It is extremely important in the install process to prepare the subfloor so that you have a flat, level and clean space. Another tip to prevent noise is to use a underlayment (if there isn’t already one attached).

Chance Cook September 23, 2021 - 10:13 am

I like how vinyl plank flooring looks like real wood. That is reassuring to me as a homeowner. Perhaps they could raise my home’s value.

Vanessa September 28, 2021 - 8:29 am

Hi Chance, It is definitely possible for Luxury vinyl plank flooring could raise the value of your home.

Afton Jackson December 29, 2020 - 6:41 pm

You caught my attention as soon as you stated that vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. Liquid stains from things like juice or soda have been my biggest problems when cleaning up the house, and since these happen very often, I would like to find a material that can withstand these stains regularly. With that in mind, I’ll start looking for any vinyl flooring contractors in the area that can help me install some properly.

Vanessa December 30, 2020 - 9:42 am

Hi Afton! Yes, Vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and can withstand juice and soda spills. If you have any questions along the way about choosing a vinyl for your home or installation, please let us know. Browse and Chat here!

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