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Quick Step Laminate Flooring Review

Bestlaminate is excited to offer a Quick Step laminate flooring review to help you make the right flooring decision. Quick Step laminate flooring is leading the flooring industry with new flooring designs, styles and innovations. The innovations that Quick Step has taken have revolutionized the laminate flooring industry. Quick Step has set the standards high with the Uniclic glueless locking system, INCIZO multifunctional molding, ScratchGuard Advanced Finish Protection, GenuEdge Technology, along with longer plank lengths (up to 54”).

Quick-Step’s Innovative Technology

Quick Step Flooring features the ScratchGuard Advanced Finish Protection. This finish protection is more resistant to micro-abrasions than other leading brands of laminate flooring. This also provides protection against micro-abrasions which occur through every day dust and dirt. This layers also provides an extra layer against scuffs from foot traffic, rugs slipping, and will keep laminate flooring looking newer for a longer period of time.

The design layer that you will find in Quick Step flooring is unique and quickly differentiates itself from other laminate flooring companies. The design layers are textured, authentic, natural authentic, high gloss, furniture finish, soft-scraped, and hand scraped. Each one of these designs is developed in house and is unique to Quick Step Floors.

You will also find a variety of edge technologies. This includes the new GenuEdge, which replicates the look of real wood planks. You will find edges that are square; as well as bevels that are rolled, pressed, deep and micro-beveled. The details and design give the Quick Step Laminate Flooring planks, the laminate flooring industry ʼs most realistic plank look.

The HDF core board is water-resistant and features pressed wood fibers and highquality synthetic resins, which are superior to chipboard and MDF board. This ensures an impact resistant surface. The Uniclic locking system is produced through the inhouse HDF manufacturing process. The Uniclic locking system was implemented in 1996, and revolutionized the installation process of laminate flooring. This system eliminated the need for glue and helps guard agains water damage and warping. This Uniclic locking system also ensures that there is no height differences between any of the boards.

Quick-Step Sculptique Sandy Blonde Hickory laminate flooring
Quick-Step Sculptique Sandy Blonde Hickory laminate flooring

Quick-Step Offers Many Styles

Quick Step Laminate Flooring offers Unique Planks, Scraped Planks, Traditional Planks, as well as Tiles. These style categories bring high style designs, distinctive details, timeworn wood looks, domestic and exotic wood looks, natural textures, as well as the look of natural stone, ceramic or concrete.

Quick Step Laminate Flooring is organized by “Good, Better, Premium” price points. With AC Ratings of 3 & 4, Quick Step Laminate Flooring is designed to withstand repeated abrasion. An AC Rating of 4 means that Quick Step Laminate floors are able to withstand more than 4,000 revolutions of sandpapers on the surface before reaching the design layer.

Quick-Step Classic Flaxen Spalted Maple laminate flooring
Quick-Step Classic Flaxen Spalted Maple laminate flooring

USA Made, Quality Flooring

With fully integrated facilities in the United States, Quick Step is proud to lead the way in quality laminate flooring, while providing jobs in the United States. From in-house cutting, mulling, and packaging; Quick Step controls the laminate flooring manufacturing process from start to finish. During the manufacturing process, there is virtually zero waste. During the manufacturing process, every part of a tree is utilized. This process, reinforces the commitment that Quick Step takes to making our environment cleaner through every step of the manufacturing process.

A laminate flooring company leading the industry with new flooring designs and cutting edge innovations, Quick Step Laminate Flooring.

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  1. What is required for maintenance? What product can be used to clean the floor? What can be used for protection? Wax?

    • Viena Swierczek

      Hi Robert, thank you for your comment. Laminate flooring is very low maintenance and is a perfect solution for a busy home or businesses. We recommend sweeping the floor and mopping with a water and vinegar solution. Vinegar is a disinfectant and a natural, chemical-free way to remove dirt and grime. Simply mix a gallon of water with one cup of vinegar, and use a damp mop to clean your floor. There is no further steps you need to take to protect your flooring. Do not wax laminate flooring, it will actually make your flooring look cloudy and dull. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

  2. Who makes Quick Step laminate flooring and what country? Does it come in the wide plank style?

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