5 Steps To Refresh and Redecorate Your Home With An Upscale Beach Theme

Bestlaminate is here to help refresh and redecorate your home with an upscale beach theme. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach, bring the beach right into your home. Selected colors and textures will give you the look and feel that only the beach can. New flooring, furniture or accent pieces can bring you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Find useful tips on how to decorate your home with an upscale beach theme. Nothing transforms a home like new flooring, unique furniture, creative lighting and a dash of color. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your home an inviting space for you and your family. Let us help inspire you!

Step 1: Flooring

Nothing transforms the room like new floor. Bestlaminate has an entire style category dedicated to coastal decors. From ashy & soft greys or browns, to the purest shades of white, there is most definitely a coastal decor laminate for your project. Flooring is what makes or breaks a beach theme so choose your flooring wisely.

White washed laminate flooring will surely please someone looking for a typical coastal, bleached floor look. The look is light and airy. This flooring is something that would be unique to your home, as the look is truly one of a kind. Floors like this one, with a white-washed look will be a fantastic choice for coastal properties, since white, blue and gray and beige tones play such an important role in creating cape-cod, beachy atmosphere. The look and feel of the ocean can be felt when you walk across this flooring.

Traditional Living Room by Newport Beach Interior Designers & Decorators Details a Design Firm
Traditional Living Room by Newport Beach Interior Designers & Decorators Details a Design Firm

Step 2: Furniture

Once you have made a decision in regards to what flooring you will install, take a look at your furniture. Every room needs a focal point. A compelling focal point expresses your unique style and pulls a room together, expressing both balance and harmony within the space. When creating a coastal inspired room keep in mind that the beach has a light, care free feeling. Heavy, dark furniture would not be a great match when it comes to a beach themed room. If you have heavy, dark furniture, you may want to invest in lighter colored throw pillows and take an assessment of your window treatments.

You can create a masterpiece by converting your old but comfortable chair into something extraordinary by simply purchasing new fabric and using an upholstery service if you can not do it by yourself. If refinishing of your furniture is an option – do it. Whitewashed and hand scraped textures are essential when creating a coastal atmosphere. Plus will save lots of money by using what you have. Other touches to consider are interior shutters, driftwood accents, and wicker furniture.

Step 3: Color

Color. Who doesn’t love color? Your home is probably full of the colors that you truly love to be around. If you are a nature lover, you probably have earth tone colors throughout your home. Maybe you love to live through bright, vibrant colors. Or, maybe you enjoy a more colorful, subtle tone throughout your home.

When you are selecting paint for your beach home theme keep in mind that light, airy, and white-washed colors not only brings a sense of tranquility, but also a very unique look.

Accents in coastal colors, such as blues, whites, and beige tones can help bring out the beach theme in your home. A fresh coat of paint, accompanied by the look and feel of the ocean, will make your home the talk of the town.

Tropical Bedroom by Miami Furniture & Accessories Custom Furniture World 
Tropical Bedroom by Miami Furniture & Accessories Custom Furniture World

Step 4: Lighting

There is something magical about lights and mirrors. When combined together they add instant elegance and a bright, fresh feel into the the space. Invest in modern and timeless pieces of lighting to create an up-to-date, upscale look. We are all bored with traditional “nautical” lighting. Consider one of a kind pieces, such as driftwood lamps or rustic metal pieces.
Living Room on Houzz
Living Room on Houzz

Step 5: Customize

The most exciting thing about home remodeling is the possibility to create something that reflects your style, dreams and taste. Don’t be afraid to be creative or to use unconventional materials. You are the designer here!

Beach Style Home Office by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O'Hara Interiors
Beach Style Home Office by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Martha O’Hara Interiors
Are you deciding on redecorating with a beach theme? What are your plans for your remodel? Write them in the comments below!

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