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modern rustic decorating

Room Ideas: Modern Rustic Decorating With Earth Tones and Metallic

When it comes to modern rustic decorating styles, how do you blend the natural with the new? How do you add bursts of brightness while keeping your room looking as serene as nature? The answer: with earth tones and metallic décor.

Modern rustic décor blends chic, stylish pieces with earthy comfortable design. By using a color palate of brown, grey, and burnt orange you can create a stunning look without going too far over the boundary into modern design. This is the perfect look for couples who cannot seem to compromise on rustic or modern décor.

To do it right, here are a few tips.

Start with the furniture.

The furniture will set the tone for your space. Start with a metallic style piece in your room to set the style apart from the traditional rustic décor. With this one piece, you instantly transform the room without stealing from the earthy tones. We suggest something like this silver vanity from Pier 1.

modern rustic decorating
Pier1 – Silver Hayworth Mirror Vanity

Use accent pillows wisely.

Silver or gold accent pillows bring out the bright metallic look in a subtle way. They’re fun and unique, yet small and subdued enough to not overpower your room. By adding accent pillows that incorporate the metallic components of your design you create a healthy balance in your room. We love this silver Pier 1 pillow or gold Pier 1 pillow’s metallic elements.

modern rustic decorating
Pier1 – Silver Beaded Bloom Pillow
modern rustic decorating
Pier1 – Calico Gold Beaded Medallian Pillow

Keep wall hangings unique yet subtle.

Your wall hangings are focal points of the room. They have a big influence on the tone of the space and draw attention when visitors first walk in. Use them wisely. You can keep your décor more traditional by using this Pier 1 lace wall hanging. Or, if you want to incorporate more of the silver shiny brightness, try this unique mosaic mirror from Pier 1.

modern rustic decorating
Pier1 – Luxe Lace Wall Panel
modern rustic decorating
Pier1 – Imagine Mosaic Mirror

Don’t go crazy with your flooring.

Your flooring should bring the room together and create a warm look. It should not overpower your space – especially when using so many metallic. With this rich, dark, black cherry flooring you give your modern rustic room the perfect finishing touch. It takes your visitors eyes away from the floor to focus on the few metallic pieces you’ve added to your space.

modern rustic decorating
Quick-Step Sculptique Black Cherry

Have you ever tried this type of décor in your home? Show us your pictures in the comments below!

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