Room Ideas: Navy and White Bathroom Inspiration

Color schemes in bathrooms have a dramatic impact on how the room feels when in use. Use colors that are too bright and you could make your space feel childlike. Use colors that are more subdued and you could turn your bathroom into an oasis.

Two colors that are becoming increasingly popular are navy and white. A navy and white bathroom feels nautical, but that does not mean you have to drown out the space in seashells and anchors. This palette can be incorporated with class, function, and style.

Here are a few recommendations to get you started creating your navy and white bathroom décor.

Use White for All of the Furniture

Your sink console and bathtub should both be white to give your bathroom an airy feel. Since bathrooms are usually very small, using the lighter color for your fixtures opens the room and makes it look bigger.

We love this double sink console and sleek white pedestal bathtub from Pottery Barn.Navy and white bathroom Navy and white bathroom

Incorporate White Accents

Add to this look with more white accent pieces. We promise, it won’t look too flushed out or drab. A white shower curtain paired with your white bathtub will elongate the look of the room. In addition, you can add a white ladder with shelving for towels, toiletries, or other essentials. This is a great place to add in small bits of color without making your room look cluttered.Navy and white bathroom Navy and white bathroom

Add One Dark Piece

Now it’s time to bring in the navy. By using this dark color in only one area of your room, you’re able to bring out dark color in a modern way. Add a wall hanging with navy in it to darken one corner of your room. This navy painting with a chandelier from Wayfair is the perfect addition because it incorporates both colors.Navy and white bathroomFinish the Room With a Light Color Floor

Remember, the goal of a navy and white bathroom is to make the space look and feel open. Don’t darken it up and shrink the aesthetic by adding a dark color floor. Keep it light. For a bathroom floor we suggest vinyl plank flooring in a medium color for a natural balance. Vinyl flooring is very affordable, and can be safely used in places where moisture is an issue. It can even be installed on your own!

Navy and white bathroom Rapid Click LWC-4814 Vinyl Flooring
Rapid Click LWC-4814 Vinyl Flooring

Light and medium shaded vinyl floors can open up a room, making it more refreshed and bright. We offer light vinyls with a variety of designs. You have the option to choose from an ashy oak, a refreshing red, or even a stone tile vinyl.

Nautical décor is on trend year round in bathrooms. Use these ideas to create a bathroom that looks and feels open and airy.

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