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What is single plank laminate flooring?

Laminate plank flooring is available in a number of different plank styles. Plank styles vary between one, two, and three or more style planks, meaning that every individual board of laminate flooring has that number of distinct planks in the design.

Laminate Flooring plank styles
Laminate flooring plank styles

Single or one plank laminate flooring is a style that features one plank of wood per plank of laminate flooring. This style most closely resembles authentic hardwood flooring. A one plank design laminate gives a rustic filled touch with wide planks that can range from 5” to 8” in width.

Where to use single plank laminate flooring

Since the planks are so wide, single plank laminate flooring is favorable in large spaces where it can make a bold impact. In small spaces, these wide planks can overwhelm a space making a two or three plank laminate floor a better option.

Krono Original Vario Step Narrow Vintage Laminate Flooring
Krono Original Vario Step Narrow Vintage is an example of a single plank design laminate flooring

If you like the look of single plank laminate flooring, you can view our selection on our website. If you are looking for a different plank design, you can also view our other designs on our website.

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