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What is Square Edge Laminate Flooring?

What is square edge laminate flooring? Square edged laminate is a plank that does not have a bevel. Square edge laminate creates a seamless look where planks smoothly meet each other. Essentially, this smooth plank design has straight edges which create no grooves between each individual plank. When installing this flooring you will have a smooth transition to the next plank.

Square Edge Laminate Flooring
Square Edge Laminate Flooring – “Seemless Transition”

What Types of Laminates have Square Edges?

Any type of flooring can have a square edge. Square edges are available in one, two, and three strip planks. Two and three strip planks will always have a square edge, whereas one strip planks can also be made with a bevel edge or a square edge.

Square Edge Laminate Flooring
Square Edge Flooring vs. Beveled Edged Flooring

Laminate flooring with squared edges is often easier to maintain and clean as it does not have any grooves for dirt or dust to get trapped in. A quick sweeping or light mopping is all you need to refresh the surface of laminate flooring with a square edge. See the image above for a visual representation between a square edge laminate flooring and a beveled edge laminate flooring installed in a home. Let us know which you like better in the comments below!

Do you have additional questions? Post them in the comments below this article and we will be happy to answer them all! You may also check all Square Edged Laminate Flooring Designs we have in stock. Not sure which plank style you prefer? Click here to order a few samples.

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