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Why is there different square feet per box of laminate flooring?

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Many laminate flooring shoppers ask why there is different square feet per box of laminate flooring?

The answer is pretty simple actually. Because laminate flooring comes in many different thicknesses, widths, and lengths, each box of laminate flooring has a different square footage per box.

The Factors that Decide the Square Footage Per Box

The total square footage per box is calculated by connecting all of the planks in the box together and multiplying the width times the length of the area it creates.

While length and width of the planks are a key factor in determining the square footage, there are a few other considerations that are taken into account when manufacturer’s set a box’s total amount:

Width and Length

The length and the width are the obvious ones. This is how you determine the square footage and this determines how wide and how long the package is going to be. You could fit more planks in a box of flooring by having them be side by side, but if you have a 7″ plank this means the package will be 14″+ wide. That’s pretty impractical if you’re going to be carrying the boxes of flooring around your home that’s 14″ wide and 40″+ long. What also happens when you get an absurd length of flooring? Armstrong makes some flooring that’s 80″ long and 7″ wide. Could you imagine that doubled? You would be lucky to fit it through a door!

Thickness and Planks per Box

The thickness of the flooring and the planks per box directly correlates to how thick the package is going to be. A package of flooring can’t be too thick, otherwise it will be awkward to pick up and carry.

For example: You have a 6mm floor and a 12mm floor. If you can fit 11 planks of the 6mm floor in one package, that’s pretty manageable to pick up and move around. However, if you try to shove 11 planks of 12mm floor in one package, then things start to become a little awkward.


A box of flooring can only weigh so much, otherwise there would be a limited amount of people able to actually lift the box of flooring. The length, width, thickness, and planks per box all tie in to how much a box of flooring is going to weight and this is really the deciding factor as to how much square footage can fit into one box.

Going back to our previous example: 11 planks of 6mm flooring weighs about 35lbs. 6 planks of 12mm flooring weights about 30lbs. If you were to have 11 planks of 12mm flooring, that’s about 55lbs of flooring. This may be too heavy for the average person to pick up and carry through a home. Combine that weight with the length and width of a box of flooring and you’re just asking to drop it.

Why does the square feet per box of laminate flooring differ?

Other Things to Consider

Pricing can be a little confusing when it comes to purchasing laminate flooring. Usually the price is listed as the price you pay is per square foot, however you can only purchase full boxes of flooring. The different square feet per box of laminate flooring will have an influence on the number of boxes that you will receive. Depending on this, you may be just over the amount you need, but you still have to purchase a full box to cover that amount.

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