What are the different styles of laminate flooring?

There is an endless selection of styles of laminate flooring. Every floor has unique features including color, texture, edges, plank style, and even theme. In order to make the right flooring decision, you must be familiar with all the features that are available.


Laminate flooring is available in an endless number of colors. Ranging from ash, bamboo, and black all the way to exotic colors such as fruit tree and Brazilian cherry. There is an endless list of possibilities. Choose a color that fits well with your design and something that you feel you will love for years to come!

Quick Step Enhanced Cherry


Laminate flooring is available in many textures including handscraped, high gloss, smooth, brushedoiled, and texture finishes. Each finish gives a space a completely different feel to the flooring. There isn’t an ideal texture, since it is all based on tastes. Some people want the high gloss look of modern flooring, while others want a rustic, handscraped flooring. The choice is yours!

Feather Step Silvered Oak laminate flooring texture


Laminate flooring is offered with a number of different edge styles. This is the way that planks meet and connect together. Edge styles include beveled edge and square edge, with a few different variations of each. There is also a feature called a wax edge. Beveled edges are meant to mimic the look of natural hardwood and roll together to form clear, distinct line between each plank. Square edges are perfectly square to one another and create a smooth and seamless surface. Wax edges are simply edges coated with wax to give increased moisture resistance. You can’t see this in the finished product, but it’s a great thing to look for if you need added moisture resistance.

Clarion Chagrin Falls oak laminate flooring wood texture

Plank Style

Laminate flooring can be found with a number of unique plank styles. Most commonly, laminate floors are either one plank, two plank, or three plank styles. As the names suggest, each board of laminate flooring either has the look of a single board, or two or three. For larger scale projects, a single planks style is best as the planks can be up to 8” wide and give a very airy and large feel. For smaller projects, a two or three plank laminate style works best as it gives the floor a busy look and makes the space feel complete and cozy.


Laminate floors are often designed with a theme in mind. Manufacturers have come up with a number of unique themes that have something to offer for every project. Some of the most popular themes or styles include coastal decor, contemporary, exotic, rustic, shabby chic, french bleed, and eclectic. Choose an option that speaks to you. If you absolutely love antlers and wood, go with a rustic floor. If you love anchors and ropes, go with a coastal decor!

Classen Premium Fresco white washed laminate flooring in Karen Robert's photo studio.
Classen Premium Fresco white washed laminate flooring in Karen Robert’s photo studio.

It can be a little overwhelming when you are faced with all of these different combinations of choices. Just take a moment and think about what is most important and work from there. If you absolutely need a white-washed floor, start from there. If you need to make sure that you have square edges on your laminate flooring, begin there.

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