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Which Laminate Flooring Edge Type Is Best For Kitchens?

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Dear Joe, We’re glad that you have found the perfect flooring for your renovation! You’ve made the hardest decision when it comes to selecting a new laminate flooring. It seems that the final question is which laminate flooring edge type should you choose. Let us explain the differences between these floors and which would be best for your kitchen and first-floor installation. The …

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What are micro beveled edges on laminate flooring?

Micro-beveled edges refers to the edge of the laminate flooring planks. Micro-beveled edges are tiny grooves in between planks which create a distinct line between planks and make each plank look like real hardwood. Beveled edges are often referred to as V-grooves, as each plank is milled to give the plank its own distinct look. Beveled edges are a win-win for …

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What are beveled laminate flooring edges?

Beveled laminate flooring edges are nothing more than a little grooves between laminate flooring planks. Beveled edges on laminate planks add a natural style reminiscent of hardwood floors to the flooring, giving it a more authentic wood look. Each edge is slightly rounded to give a V-groove between each plank.  Each plank is constructed to display its own distinct look presenting an individual …

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