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Celebrity Homes: Will Ferrell’s New York City Loft

It might be hard to imagine, but Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell’s New York City loft shows a different side – his refined and stylish taste when it comes to his home. Along with his wife and three children, he owns a sleek and contemporary 2,800 square foot loft in Manhattan. The loft is located downtown and was once a Victorian …

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Celebrity Homes: Ellen Pompeo’s Los Angeles Villa

If you turned on a TV in the last 10 years you’re bound to have seen Ellen Pompeo playing Meredith Grey on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. When not on the set or working for her own production company, Ellen is at home in LA with her husband, music producer Chris Ivery, and their two daughters. They purchased their home …

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Decorator Review: Jamie Drake

It’s not often that a designer is able to design for both residential and commercial clients but interior designer Jamie Drake excels at doing both. His projects range from New York City landmarks, to a L.A. showplace for Mondana, to a medical facility in Florida. His use of bold color choices and his ability to mix the traditional and glamorous …

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A Story: Dublin’s Doors

Dublin's Doors

*Bang* Thomas awoke to a disgruntled moan from the outside of the door. He knew this sound all too well. It was the sound of his dear friend and neighbor, George. George’s attempts to get into his house had become a nightly occurrence. The previous night, around 2 a.m. George jammed his key into the lock. When it wouldn’t turn …

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Winter Weather Fun: Snow Day DIY Craft Projects

Are you one of the millions of people snowed in, freezing, and bored out of your mind? It’s days like these that you want to take advantage of being trapped indoors to get some work done around the house. Although a snow day might give you cabin fever, there are a few snow day DIY craft projects to keep you …

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Room Ideas: Colorful Cottage Decor for the Kitchen

One of the quaintest decorating styles is cottage decor. The down-home feel, relaxed vibe, and traditional appeal make this type of interior design popular in many homes – kitchens in particular. The kitchen is the room where you spend a lot of your time. If you’re not preparing a family dinner, you’re enjoying a feast with your loved ones. Make …

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5 DIY Bathroom Decorating Trends to Follow

Do you love your bathroom? Does it make you feel as if you’re entering a spa each time you step foot into your shower? If not, it might be time to try some of these DIY bathroom decorating trends. Bathroom decorating is often put on the backburner. Because it’s a room that many visitors, friends, and family don’t see (and …

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Decorator Review: Ideas From Bohemian Designer Muriel Brandolini

bohemian designer

When you think of an uber successful interior decorator, chances are you think of someone who is constantly on the go and fighting for new spaces to design. Not Muriel Brandolini. This bohemian designer takes life a little bit slower taking on only the jobs that please her and that inspire her creatively. Behind the Designer: The Background of Muriel …

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Why Your Family Will Swoon Over a Bamboo Floor

A bamboo floor is one of the most sought after looks in a home. The color, texture, and natural beauty of bamboo is something that no other type of wood flooring can capture. However, real bamboo floors are very expensive. With laminate bamboo flooring, you can create a jaw-dropping look in your home for a fraction of the price. Here …

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