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Warm & Rustic Tiny House for Cyclists

Many Americans are trading in their big homes for Tiny Houses on wheels. This may seem extreme for some people, but tiny houses offer just the right amount of living space with a lot of freedom. Tiny houses interested this Rustic Tiny House’s owners because they wanted to spend more time outdoors on their bikes and less time maintaining their …

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Transform Your Kitchen With White Cabinets

Your kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home. White cabinets can transform your kitchen in the blink of an eye. And yes, there are many shades of white kitchen cabinets, so you will be guaranteed to find a shade that matches your style. White cabinets are not only sleek, they are also stunning and beautiful. With a …

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Simple Ways to Create the Farmhouse Look of Your Dreams

Hi, I’m Angie and I write about design and decor, DIY, and all things home over on my blog, Postcards from the Ridge where our mantra is “There’s no place like home”. Today I’ll be sharing some tips for incorporating the popular farmhouse style into your home with various home decor and design elements. When you think of a farmhouse, what comes …

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Farmhouse Bliss: Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms in Country Homes

There’s something blissfully cozy about the countryside. From the fresh breeze through the trees to the laid back lifestyle that ensues on the land. Many homeowners look to decorating ideas for living rooms that encompass the relaxation of country homes to mimic this same relaxed feel in their home. If you’re searching for the perfect way to create a living room …

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