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Humidity and Laminate Flooring: What You need to Know

You might already know that water and laminate flooring don’t mix, but what about humidity and laminate flooring? The wood materials in the laminate flooring expand and contract with moisture. Depending on how humid your home is, the flooring could change widths. Too much humidity could impact your floors integrity if it’s not installed correctly. Manufacturers generally recommend that you …

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Bestlaminate Showroom Open House

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It’s time to celebrate! After a few long months of renovations and a complete office, showroom and warehouse move, we are ready to show off the new Bestlaminate headquarters! Newly located at 3900 Ben Hur Ave. off of Vine St. in Willoughby, Bestlaminate now houses over 1 million sq. ft. of flooring, corporate offices and a brand new showroom with over 400 different flooring …

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Spring 2015 Flooring Trends: Grey Hues

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. It also brings new projects, decorating schemes, and décor. This year, there’s one big time decorating trend that has everyone excited – grey flooring. Right now when you’re tucked inside away from the grey weather outdoors, the last thing you can imagine is having grey floors in your home. Yet there’s …

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DIY Home Heating Tips to Keep You Warmer This Winter

Brrr… Most of the nation is blanketed in snow right about now. The frigid air outside is enough to make you shiver. Keeping the air inside of your home warm and cozy isn’t always easy when temperatures plummet. To help you make the most out of the heat you have around you, here are a few DIY home heating tips …

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DIY Fixes That Increase Your Home’s Value

Did that offer on your dream home finally get approved? Congratulations! Now it’s time to fix up your current home and put it on the market. Selling a house is one of the most exciting and terrifying things you will ever do. There is a lot of worry and wondering “what if?” What if your home doesn’t sell fast enough? …

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Ideas for Home Remodeling That You Can Do Yourself

Have you found yourself scouring Pinterest for ways to add life back into your home? Do you feel like your home is stuck in the same boring rut it’s been in for years? We’ve all been there. Trends come and go and can leave anyone frustrated with how stale or outdated their home have become. Here are a few DIY …

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The Newlywed’s Guide to Sifting Through Flooring Options

Congratulations! You exchanged vows, promised to love each other until death do you part, and now you are knee deep in fixing up your future home. One of the first projects you’ll likely do is decide on the flooring options for each room. Flooring decisions are difficult. There are colors, types, and styles that you and your new spouse need …

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Do It Yourself Cleaning: Quick Tips for a Clean House

do it yourself cleaning

Have you ever looked at some of your friend’s houses and wondered, “How do they do it? How do they keep it so clean?” So have we. The clean house is something that’s illusive to most people. It’s a job that feels never ending. Cleaning is a chore dreaded by most homeowners. But when a house cleaner is too expensive …

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What is a Laminate Flooring AC Rating?

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Dear Megan, Before you buy something as long lasting as flooring, the manufacturers want to be sure they send you something that’ll last. To do this, they run each type of flooring through a series of vigorous tests. When they’re finished, they determine how durable each plank is and assign an AC rating based on those results. When shopping for …

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Do It Yourself Projects Your Entire Family Will Love

Ever feel like it’s impossible to get work done with your kids running around the house? Are you sick of having to beg your teenagers to help you out on projects? Maybe it’s time to try do it yourself projects and get the entire family involved! Making upgrades to your house doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Get more …

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