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Costa Rican Decor: Pura Vida!

Step off the plane in Costa Rica and you’ll instantly be met with a splash of color. Costa Rica is a country known for its colorful designs, gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and laid back lifestyle. If you’re longing for an exotic getaway, look no further than your own home! Bringing a vacation vibe to your home doesn’t mean you have to …

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Mixing Old and New for the Perfect Vintage Look

I love going to visit my grandma. In her living room, she uses an old trunk as her coffee table. This isn’t just any old trunk though. This is the trunk her family used when moving to the United States through Ellis Island. On top, it’s rather unsuspecting. She has your regular coffee table affair of coasters, magazines, and conversation …

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Simple Ways to Create the Farmhouse Look of Your Dreams

Hi, I’m Angie and I write about design and decor, DIY, and all things home over on my blog, Postcards from the Ridge where our mantra is “There’s no place like home”. Today I’ll be sharing some tips for incorporating the popular farmhouse style into your home with various home decor and design elements. When you think of a farmhouse, what comes …

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Meet our Guest Blogger: Angie at Postcards From the Ridge

It’s my pleasure to introduce Angie, creator of the DIY and design blog, Postcards From the Ridge! On her blog, where the mantra is there’s no place like home, you’ll find a host of budget friendly home ideas from paint colors, DIY’s, tutorials and design schemes. If you’re doing a home make-over, you’ll definitely want to stop by her blog! …

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Danish Design Secrets for a Cozy, Modern Look


When you think of modern décor, chances are “cozy” isn’t what comes to mind. Most people think of minimalistic, clean lines, and stark white. But take one look at the typical loft in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the design meccas of the world, and you’ll see that comfort is a high priority when creating a modern look. The Entryway Before …

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Trend Alert: Driftwood in Home Decorating

When I was growing up, I lived in a lake community way out in the middle of the country. We decorated with a lot of natural accents, many of which we would pick up during our family walks. I specifically recall my Mom using accents of driftwood throughout our home, so it’s been fun watching the resurgence of driftwood in …

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Ideas How To Design Perfect White Kitchen

Looking for ways to brighten your life? What better way to brighten things up than to go with the hot trend of a white kitchen? A quick search on Pinterest will show you just how popular white kitchens have become – and for good reason. White kitchens are classic and never go out of style. Here are few ideas how to design …

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Art & Home: Outdoor Edition

Art & Home: Emma Stothard

Ahhhh the outdoors… While owning a house with a backyard has it’s chores, it also has it’s perks. One of those is the ability to create beautiful gardens! Now, if you’re like me, creating a truly beautiful outdoor space is going to take some time. (I’m still fighting the slew of weeds that have sprung up in my flower beds…) However, with …

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Trend Alert: Watercolors!

I’ve fallen in love with a recent trend I’ve noticed across the web — watercolor accents in home decor. Not only is this a beautiful way to add summertime color, but I can’t think of a better way to artistically express oneself while adding personality into our homes year round. Watercolors are making appearances on wallpaper, pillows, free printables, curtains …

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Art & Home: Wedding Edition


Today is a very special day. I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY! This will be the last blog post I do with my maiden surname, which is still a weird concept to me. Despite having “wedding-brain” for the past year, I haven’t given much thought as to how or where I want to display my wedding photos! And now that the day is …

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