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Celebrity Homes: The Channing Tatum House in 90210

This year Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum just bought a Beverly Hills mansion in the 90210 zip code. The gorgeous duo has come a long way since starring together in the dance hit movie Step Up, where they first met. They were married in 2009 and have a daughter, named Everly, born in 2013 (with rumors of …

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Designer Review: Fashion and Interior Designer Muriel Brandolini

Interior designer Muriel Brandolini didn’t get her start in interior decorating – she started as a fashion designer. She’s known for her inventive and innovative designs that push the limits. She claims to draw inspiration from life and has many influences from her Vietnamese roots as well as her ties to Venezuela and France. She uses bold colors, patterns, and textiles …

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Art & Home: Erik Johansson


Erik Johansson: Photographer and Digital Manipulator Photograph manipulation has been around since the creation of photography itself. However, the editors of the past didn’t have Photoshop to work with. All editing was done in the darkroom by hand. It’s interesting to think that photography was created to capture the world as we see it, and yet we have been making better techniques …

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Designer Review: Hutton Wilkinson and Tony Duquette

Bestlaminate Designer Review | The Tony Duquette Studios

The partnership of Hutton Wilkinson and the late Tony Duquette is a special one that goes back almost a lifetime. Wilkinson was in seventh grade when he first discovered the famous Tony Duquette in a LA Times Home magazine article featuring the artist and his wife of 46 years, Elizabeth. Duquette was a famous artist and designer known for his …

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12 Front Doors that use Wreathes as the Perfect Accessory

One great thing about Southern Homes – they know how to decorate the front of their house! We have put together a list of 12 front doors that use wreathes as the perfect accessory to make their home warm and inviting! 1. This forest green door that perfectly uses a nautical wreathe. You could even make this yourself with one …

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Designer Review: Anthony Baratta

Bestlaminate Designer Review | Anthony Baratta

Anthony Baratta is a New York interior designer who claims to get his inspiration for his interior designs from fine artists, such as Matisse. He was born in New Jersey and graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Art History. He and his partner opened the design firm Diamond Baratta Design in 1994. In 2002, they were selected as …

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Home Décor Ideas Inspired by Professional Home Builder

Home décor and remodeling should be fun and exciting! We are constantly inspired by professional home builders. Here are home décor ideas inspired by the stunning spaces created by Perrino Builders & Remodeling. 1. Let the Light In Nearly all the Perrino interiors we have seen have had one thing in common: light. An open, bright space appears larger, more …

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Trend Alert: Geometric Accents for a Modern Twist

Geometric accents are a smart and simple way to create visual interest and a touch of modern styling in your home decorating. This style of decor accent isn’t just reserved for contemporary or midcentury modern homes. Geometric accents have found their way into more traditional or even rustic decor. No matter what your decorating style might be, I invite you …

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Designer Review: Alexa Hampton

Bestlaminate Designer Review | Alexa Hampton | Image via Architectural Digest

Can you imagine being the daughter to one of “The World’s Twenty Greatest Designers of All Time”? Alexa Hampton can and she is a designer herself because of it. Her father, Mark Hampton, was known as a legend in the interior design world. He founded his own company, Mark Hampton LLC, in 1976 and over his career had many elite …

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Art & Home: Katsushika Hokusai

Painter and Printmaker: Katsushika Hokusai Japanese artwork might just be my favorite style of art. It is very unique and stylized, and much different from the artwork of Western culture. I’m going to take us far back to the 1700-1800’s in Edo, Japan, which is now modern day Tokyo. We will focus on one of the most well-known Japanese artists from this time period, Katsushika …

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