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Warm & Rustic Tiny House for Cyclists

Many Americans are trading in their big homes for Tiny Houses on wheels. This may seem extreme for some people, but tiny houses offer just the right amount of living space with a lot of freedom. Tiny houses interested this Rustic Tiny House’s owners because they wanted to spend more time outdoors on their bikes and less time maintaining their …

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Bright Summer Home in the Hamptons

Summer Hamptons

Wouldn’t it be nice for your family to have a beautiful summer retreat from everyday life? That’s just the purpose of this bright, summer home in the Hamptons. This home is a great combination of traditional furniture and modern colors. It’s perfect for a young family on summer vacation, and it’s large enough for the whole family and all of …

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Sophisticated Modern Home in San Francisco Bay Area

This Sophisticated Modern Home in the San Francisco Bay Area seamlessly blends together many different design styles. The designer, Ann Lowengart, thought of every single detail in this home, from the modern rugs on the floor to the dramatic lights on the ceiling. This home has a neutral color palette, which ties in the traditional design style. The furniture is …

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Art & Home: David Lynch, Creator of Twin Peaks


David Lynch: Man of Mysteries October is my favorite month, hands down. The leaves start to turn color, the air gets a chill in it, and spooky movies become my lullabies. Yeah, I have a soft spot for horror movies, especially when it becomes October. There will be years where there will be lots of new horror movies for me to eat …

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Art & Home: Roy Lichtenstein


Roy Lichtenstein: American Pop Artist Comics and graphic novels have been a huge influence in my life. I grew up reading SuperGirl, Archie, Scooby-Doo, and when I had run out, I read the comics section in the local newspaper. As I got older, I graduated to manga (Japanese comics) and graphic novels, which I still have a library of on my living room bookshelf. …

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Art & Home: Tamara de Lempicka

Tamara de Lempicka: The Queen of Modern Art As lover of the novel The Great Gatsby, I imagine a roaring 20’s setting with lots of glitz, glam, champagne, and Art Deco artwork. Nothing makes me think of a classier time in world history than the 1920’s. A post-WWI era emerged with a flash and a bang of glitter as a good portion of …

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Celebrity Homes: The Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Home

Hollywood power couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith home is a a gorgeous adobe style home in the Santa Monica Mountains near Calabasas, California. The sprawling 25,000 square foot home, located on 150 acres of land, is a perfect retreat for the family, which includes their children, Willow and Jaden, and Trey (a son from Will’s previous marriage). Despite the large …

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Art & Home: Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh Art and Home Banner

Vincent van Gogh: The Tragic, Romantic Painter Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter who worked in France mostly during the 1880’s. He is known for his many great paintings, and more unfortunately, the removal of his ear which he gifted to a prostitute. Yikes! Now it may not come as much of a surprise when it’s said that he spent a good …

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A Walk Through a Coastal Home

Welcome to the South where coastal homes are regular and Southern hospitality is a given. Let’s take a walk through a coastal home that embraces the tones of the ocean with a superior interior style of class. Karen Wyman showed me her hospitality when she invited me into her home located on Cat Island, South Carolina. The Exterior The outside …

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Art & Home: Outdoor Edition

Art & Home: Emma Stothard

Ahhhh the outdoors… While owning a house with a backyard has it’s chores, it also has it’s perks. One of those is the ability to create beautiful gardens! Now, if you’re like me, creating a truly beautiful outdoor space is going to take some time. (I’m still fighting the slew of weeds that have sprung up in my flower beds…) However, with …

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