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DIY Home Decorating Ideas for Your First House

The paperwork is finalized and you’re ready to move into your first house! Now’s the time when you are staying up late to explore ideas the home decorating ideas of your dreams on Pinterest, chatting with friends, and searching the Internet. This is your first house and it has to be perfect! We get it. We love our homes too! …

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10 Quick DIY Home Remodeling Projects to Transform Your Home

Want to upgrade your space without spending weeks or months on a DIY home remodeling project? We’ve got you covered. Here are ten easy, quick projects that will give your home the makeover you’re craving. 1. Attic Turned Movie Theatre Attics are notorious for being small and stuffy. Turn that around and create an in-home movie theatre. To upgrade your …

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How To Survive Your Home Renovation Project

Home renovation projects can be overwhelming at times. One of the easiest ways to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to hire a contractor to tackle this job. Keep in mind, that your life will be extremely busy during your home renovation project. Pay Attention to Details Planning your home renovation project can be fun. Go ahead, embrace it and include things …

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DIY Project: Replacing a Ceiling Fan

OK, so I know you can just read the directions that come in the box for replacing a ceiling fan, but after replacing a few in our new home, I thought I’d share some tips that we learned through this process. It’s fairly easy to do, however for some reason my husband and I always run into small problems. The …

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