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When to Use White Laminate Flooring With Confidence

White is a brilliant color. It’s the color we want our teeth to be, it’s the color of wedding gowns, and it’s the color that’s used to describe so many beautiful snow-filled scenes. The Trouble With the Color White White is also a color that tends to show every piece of dirt. Stains seem brighter on white because colors stand …

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Room Ideas: Black and White Bathroom Decorating Trends

Does your bathroom feel like a modern oasis? Do you feel welcomed into the serene, yet stylish décor whenever you need to take a shower or get ready in the morning? If not, it might be time for a bathroom makeover. Black and white bathroom décor is one of the hottest new trends in interior design – and it’s not …

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Room Ideas: Blue and Brown Bathroom Decorating Ideas

You love the chic look of modern design in the rest of your house. Why not put that same minimalistic flair in your bathroom too? Blue and brown bathroom decorating ideas range from colorful accents to rich textures. The elements you add to your space each carry their own personality and flair. When all is said and done, your bathroom …

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Room Ideas: Colorful Cottage Decor for the Kitchen

One of the quaintest decorating styles is cottage decor. The down-home feel, relaxed vibe, and traditional appeal make this type of interior design popular in many homes – kitchens in particular. The kitchen is the room where you spend a lot of your time. If you’re not preparing a family dinner, you’re enjoying a feast with your loved ones. Make …

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Room Ideas: Modern Rustic Decorating With Earth Tones and Metallic

modern rustic decorating

When it comes to modern rustic decorating styles, how do you blend the natural with the new? How do you add bursts of brightness while keeping your room looking as serene as nature? The answer: with earth tones and metallic décor. Modern rustic décor blends chic, stylish pieces with earthy comfortable design. By using a color palate of brown, grey, …

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Room Ideas: Trendy Teal and Orange Decor

Looking for a bold color scheme that is both eye-catching and subdued? We’ve got you covered. Teal and orange decor is one of the hottest, trendiest color schemes being used by today’s designers. From the mountain decorating styles in the North to the rustic styles of the Southwest, these two colors are used to bring a room to life in …

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Do It Yourself Projects Your Entire Family Will Love

Ever feel like it’s impossible to get work done with your kids running around the house? Are you sick of having to beg your teenagers to help you out on projects? Maybe it’s time to try do it yourself projects and get the entire family involved! Making upgrades to your house doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Get more …

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7 Wood Flooring Ideas to Makeover Your Home

Perhaps one of the most sought after types of flooring is wood. Wood flooring, or laminate flooring that looks like real hardwood, creates a warm look to any home or space. There are numerous ways you can incorporate wood flooring into your home’s decorating scheme. Here are seven ideas to consider when searching for the perfect wood floor for your …

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Make Your Room Sparkle

One spot in the house that everyone spends a fair amount of time is the bathroom. This room is functional in purpose, but that does not mean that it cannot look amazing. Bathrooms contain unique fixtures different than is found in any other room. For your bathroom to sparkle, you need to incorporate these fixtures with a cohesive design. The …

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