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How to Scare Away Those Frightfully Damaged Laminate Flooring Planks

Do you scream in fear every time you turn the corner and see those damaged laminate flooring planks? Does the idea that your flooring looks damaged scare you at night? We’re here to help you put an end to those frightful worries! You don’t have to live with floors that haunt you. Scaring away damaged planks might be easier than …

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How to Replace Damaged Laminate Flooring Planks

You just got that new home or you’re moving the furniture back into place after the remodel and all of sudden it happens…that sound, that feeling, shame, guilt, that uh oh moment and you don’t know how to solve it. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. Yes, we know… you damaged the laminate plank. So you think of how …

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