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Can you feel the grout lines on tile laminate flooring?

Tile laminate flooring is made to mimic authentic tile. Just by looking at the flooring, it is easy to mistake it for actual tile flooring. Grout lines are made to look as natural and genuine as possible and in many designs, the grout lines can be felt. If you choose a square edge tile laminate flooring design, the planks will …

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What is Square Edge Laminate Flooring?

What is square edge laminate flooring? Square edged laminate is a plank that does not have a bevel. Square edge laminate creates a seamless look where planks smoothly meet each other. Essentially, this smooth plank design has straight edges which create no grooves between each individual plank. When installing this flooring you will have a smooth transition to the next plank. What Types …

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What are beveled laminate flooring edges?

Beveled laminate flooring edges are nothing more than a little grooves between laminate flooring planks. Beveled edges on laminate planks add a natural style reminiscent of hardwood floors to the flooring, giving it a more authentic wood look. Each edge is slightly rounded to give a V-groove between each plank.  Each plank is constructed to display its own distinct look presenting an individual …

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