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Room Ideas: Blue and Brown Bathroom Decorating Ideas

You love the chic look of modern design in the rest of your house. Why not put that same minimalistic flair in your bathroom too? Blue and brown bathroom decorating ideas range from colorful accents to rich textures. The elements you add to your space each carry their own personality and flair. When all is said and done, your bathroom …

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Room Ideas: Colorful Cottage Decor for the Kitchen

One of the quaintest decorating styles is cottage decor. The down-home feel, relaxed vibe, and traditional appeal make this type of interior design popular in many homes – kitchens in particular. The kitchen is the room where you spend a lot of your time. If you’re not preparing a family dinner, you’re enjoying a feast with your loved ones. Make …

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Room Ideas: Crisp and Cool Bedroom Decor

Cool bedroom decor

When it comes to your bedroom, how happy are you with the color scheme? If you’re not thrilled with the same old drab look that you’re used to, it might be time to freshen your style. Crisp and cool bedroom decor can be created with three core colors in mind: Grey, navy, and yellow. These on-trend colors are easy to …

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Room Ideas: Soothing Colors for the Bedroom

soothing colors for the bedroom

Your home is your oasis. You want to breathe a sigh of relief when you walk in the door each day. As you unwind and get ready to catch a few zz’s before another crazy day begins, you want to relax in a room that puts you at ease. Soothing colors for the bedroom are important. The colors you use …

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Room Ideas: Modern Rustic Decorating With Earth Tones and Metallic

modern rustic decorating

When it comes to modern rustic decorating styles, how do you blend the natural with the new? How do you add bursts of brightness while keeping your room looking as serene as nature? The answer: with earth tones and metallic décor. Modern rustic décor blends chic, stylish pieces with earthy comfortable design. By using a color palate of brown, grey, …

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Room Ideas: Cool Jewel Tone Decor

Are you as crazy about jewel tones as we are? Then it makes sense that you’d want to adorn your house in some cool jewel tone décor. When it comes to incorporating jewel tones, they key is balance. Jewel tones are as luxurious as they are colorful. Paired with neutral accents and down to earth touches, you can give your …

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Room Ideas: Natural Color Scheme

There’s something relaxing about nature. The fresh air, the natural elements, and the wide open spaces make being outdoors enticing to most people. But being outside isn’t possible for the majority of people. That’s why so many homeowners try to incorporate a natural color scheme into their décor. With natural colors spread throughout your house, you can create the same …

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Room Ideas: Trendy Teal and Orange Decor

Looking for a bold color scheme that is both eye-catching and subdued? We’ve got you covered. Teal and orange decor is one of the hottest, trendiest color schemes being used by today’s designers. From the mountain decorating styles in the North to the rustic styles of the Southwest, these two colors are used to bring a room to life in …

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DIY Artwork Ideas for Your Home

Sure you could go shop around at expensive galleries, fairs, and museums for a piece of art, but what about trying DIY artwork for your home? With more people pinning on Pinterest, the craze for DIY artwork has hit new heights. Homeowners are finding their creativity. Families are coming together over craft night to create fun displays. Artwork is no …

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