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Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The-dining-room-can-seat-large-parties-and-has-access-to-the-2500-square-foot-private-roof-deck
Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The dining room can seat large parties and has access to the 2500 st. ft. private roof deck

Celebrity Homes: Kelly Ripa, the Famous Talk Show Host

Today we will take a look at the home of Kelly Ripa, the famous Talk Show Host. Kelly and her family live in this gorgeous pre-war penthouse. There are a total of five luxurious bedrooms and four and a half baths with magnificent 12’ ceilings.  Within this penthouse, Ripa makes the most of her space in her home by using accent colors. Ripa and her husband have spent numerous years renovating their glamorous penthouse in the popular SoHo region in Lower Manhattan in New York City. She centers her home around various accent colors which are carried throughout the entire home. This is a simple yet very effective way to make each room flow from one to another.

Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: A-dramatic-staircase-leads-from-the-foyer-to-the-upper-bedrooms
Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: A dramatic staircase leads from the foyer to the upper bedrooms (photo: The Modlin Group)

The Power of Red

The best way to brighten up any room is by adding vibrant accent colors. This can be done by simply adding an accent color onto different pieces in the room like pillows, chairs, rugs, or your item of choice. Accent pillows are a simple way of bringing patterns into a dull room. Accent pillows will also bring a touch of color as well as texture to your room of choice. The most important part to remember when choosing an accent color is to pick a color that brings life to a room, instead of taking away from it. For example, when decorating in a darker room, bright colors are more encouraged. This will give a dark room the splash of color that it needs. Whereas, in a light colored room, the accent colors should be that of various earth tones to compliment the light features of the room. As seen below Kelly Ripa uses beautiful bright red pillows to accent her dark floors. The color red is an excellent accent color with floors as dark as Ripa’s. This look can effortlessly be achieved without spending a lot of money. Below is a similar pillow much like the ones Kelly Ripa uses in her home.

Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The-grand-living-room-has-tall-12-foot-ceilings-and-seven-large-windows-that-let-in-ample-natural-light
Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The grand living room has tall 12-foot ceilings and seven large windows that let in ample natural light (photo: The Modlin Group)

Seamless Integration

The color that you choose for your accent pillows can actually be used to bring the entire home together. Accent colors can easily be used to make each room flow from one to another. The key to not overdoing accent colors is to not be repetitive. To avoid this, choose various items within each room to carry the accent color. Kelly Ripa uses the color red as an accent color but ties it into each individual room. As previously shown, she used an accent color on a pillow, but then in the following room she places her accent color on the chairs as seen below. She then uses rugs and more pillows to continue the use of the accent color.

Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The-kitchen-has-two-dishwashers-three-sub-zero-refrigerators-and-carrara-marble-counters
Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The kitchen has two dishwashers, three sub-zero refrigerators and carrara marble counters (photo: The Modlin Group)

Watch Your Favorite Show In Style

In addition to the breaktaking design, this penthouse is made for comfort. Sofas with pillows, warm blankets and plenty of space to simply unwind and relax make this room not only beautiful, but functional. After a long day of work, it is important to have a place to lay down and not worry about a thing. Big windows and simple walls make this space bright and happy.

Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The-media-room-has-a-gas-fireplace-and-overhead-skylight
Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The media room has a gas fireplace and overhead skylight (photo: The Modlin Group)

 Beautiful Outdoor Space

Having each room flow from one to another is also done in Kelly Ripa’s home by using the same color of flooring throughout the entire house, including her outdoor areas. This adds to the consistent and glamorous feel as everything feels like it matches and flows together. Bold wood accents bring the beauty of nature to this home despite the fact of being in the middle of bustling Manhattan. Plant decorations and the color green is used as an accent throughout to bring in a natural glow.

Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The-deck-has-a-fireplace-and-plenty-of-room-for-seating
Kelly Ripa Home In NYC: The deck has a fireplace and plenty of room for seating (photo: The Modlin Group)


The Impact Maker

Notice how dark floors are found throughout the house. In contrast to the simple design, these dark floors give contrast and dimension. The glow of the wood brings in natural warmth that is often hard to find in a city like New York.

Dark floors contrasting with natural walls give the perfect balance. The crisp contrast gives a luxurious feel and allows for decoration in nearly any color. If you want to try this in your home, here are a few suggestions:

Kronoswiss Rigoletto Black
Kronoswiss Rigoletto Black


Kronoswiss Urban Black
Kronoswiss Urban Black
Featherstep Rock Creek Oak
Featherstep Rock Creek Oak

Kelly Ripa most definitely found the perfect balance of neutral, natural and bold decor. Chic color combinations such as beige, red and white give a sophisticated look that is not over glamorous. While being absolutely stunning, this pent house appears perfectly functional. Every space has a purpose and is a pleasure to look at and be in, all at the same time.

Be sure to check out and get started on rejuvenating your home!

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