Take a Tour with Bestlaminate through Idea Home Part 3: Kids Bedroom Ideas

Welcome to Part 3 of the Idea Home Tour with Bestlaminate!

This idea home was featured in the Home and Garden Show in Cleveland, Ohio. We are continuing our tour from the dining room into the bedrooms. If you are just hopping in to this series, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2 here before continuing!

Idea Home Bedrooms

A world of wonder, the fun and life of a child is explored here. This room will make you want to wish that you had a room like this when you were younger! Who needs a master size bedroom when you can have this pirate themed room to start your adventures in.

A Boys Pirate Ship

Splashed across the walls is a deep blue color to simulate the color of water or it could even be the sky layered across the open seas. The twin size bed is displayed in nautical bedding and throw pillows. Above the bed is a custom built wooden overlook that will give any child the chance to be the pirate they want to be. Added to this theme is the custom painted mural by Perrinos’ own artist, this is sure to be “The Place” for any play date. Kronopol Bubinga is placed across the floor, this gives the appearance of a pirate ship deck- where’s your plank when you need it?

This bedroom has the combination of personal touch and furnishings to last for the years to come. This room will last through the changes of each growing year of your child. Inspiration will grow with your child and reflect on their behavior towards future decisions and life planning. Share this work with your friends, family and neighborhood children-no matter the age. They will sure wish they were pirates too! Just admit it, you know you wish you were a pirate too!

Perrino Home & Garden Show Boy's Room
Perrino Home & Garden Show Boy’s Room

A Girl’s Palace

When there is a boy’s room, you know there must be an option for a little girl’s room too. Perrino’s Idea Home was sure to please with every detail thought of. Passing through the boys room into a shared bathroom, lies a little girls dream come true. The idea of the girls room was set up as a nursery, which can be changed over the years, as she grows up with changes of likes and dislikes.

Walking through the bathroom, you spot to your right- a vision of pink. Inside this world of pink ombred walls, personally done by Perrino artists, from bottom to top- all you can say is “wow”. The detail that went into this room is mind blowing, even if you do not have a daughter- this room will make you want one. Furnished and designed with the little girl in mind, flowers are displayed across the walls to the paper flower puffs placed on the ceiling. The ceiling is enhanced with a custom brass hot air balloon light fixture. This room was a crowd pleaser, everyone was amazed by the work and the inspiration that it gave all the visitors that passed through.

Perrino Home & Garden Show Girl's Room
Perrino Home & Garden Show Girl’s Room

The People Who Made The Idea Home

Every room of the Perrino Idea Home was enhanced through each door way. It was hard for this work of art to not turn heads. The building and furnishings can be found at Perrino Homes Showroom. The paint color was supplied by Sherwin Williams which was displayed on all walls by Miller’s Pro Painting. Kitchen Cabinets were supplied by Kraftmaid Cabinetry. Perrino Homes will help you select the best match alongside with kitchen remodel coordinators Kevin and Rick. The surfaces throughout the kitchen, master closet, and bathrooms were provided by Mont Granite. Every piece of molding was supplied by Trim & More, from the wall base to the crowning molding. Flooring of the great room into the kitchen and the boy’s bedroom was supplied by us, Bestlaminate, and installed by our very own installer.

Walking through this home, you think it would take months. Time and effort went on from late December until a week before the show was to begin. Approximately, this home was built and furnished within 35 days. The work of Perrino and the suppliers they used, helped built this home to the amazement in which you see now. The amount of craftsman work, decor and hard work, is displayed through this home from top to bottom.

Pat Perrino of Perrino Homes, gives the new definition to a home. Perrino Homes supplies everything in one place. They work with the home owners to develop a floor plan so you can choose aspects of the home that you want. They also provide you with access to a designer to help with the décor of the home. They have every aspect covered, even if you are not choosing to build a new home- remodeling is an option. Perrino Homes, supplies the best of the best with remodeling coordinators and more. Do not let your years bearing home fall to pieces, pick it back up to become the home that you have dreamed of.

A world of inspiration, wonder and creativity was built for the whole Cleveland area to see in one exhibit of the Home and Garden Show. If you were not able to take a tour of the idea home this year, make it a goal to see it next year. Just a hint, it gets better every year so be sure to come the years after next too! Hopefully this article has inspired you to create a new look for your home! Seeing the Idea Home can give you great ideas for your new home or even for remodeling your existing home.

Perrino Idea Home at The Home & Garden Show
Perrino Idea Home at The Home & Garden Show

We appreciate you taking the time to read our idea home article. We welcome you to share any inspirational comments, questions, or experiences that you may have. For any other information or questions that you may have then you can visit us at Bestlaminate!

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