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The History of Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo laminate flooring is one of the most recognizable names in the flooring industry. With two manufacturing plants in both the United States and Canada, as well as two plants in Sweden; Pergo is a leading supplier in flooring around the world. From 1923 to the present, Pergo flooring has evolved into one of the most well known, respected, well designed manufacturers of high quality laminate flooring.

The Beginnings of Pergo

The concept of Pergo flooring began in 1923, when the Perstorp Industrial Group began producing laminate surfaces. It wasn’t until 1977, that the concept of laminate flooring came to be, and the first laminate flooring was put in production in 1979. The Swedish flooring market was electrified in 1984, as consumers accepted laminate flooring. It was during this same time period, 1985, that a new manufacturing facility was opened in Trelleborg, Sweden, to meet the growing demand for laminate flooring.

In 1989, the brand name ‘Pergo’ came to be. It was five years later, 1994, that the Pergo craze arrived in the United States. And, in 1995, the Pergo evolution began in Asia. Hence, a manufacturing facility was built and opened in Garner, North Carolina, in 1996. It was during this time frame, 1989-1996, that Pergo laminate flooring became a household name all around the world. In 1997, a high quality commercial grade laminate flooring was added to the manufacturers production lines. It was in 1999 that new lines were introduced: Pergo Living, Pergo Select, Pergo Accolade, Pergo Expressions & Pergo Preferred sub brands. As you can tell, the 1990’s were years of consumer driven change for Pergo laminate flooring.

The Modern Day Pergo

Demand continued to remain strong into the new century. In 2004, the manufacturing plant in Garner, North Carolina, was expanded as a four-in-one moulding facility, to help meet the current demand for Pergo Laminate Flooring. This expansion helped lead Pergo laminate flooring to the first patent in the laminate flooring industry for the Four-In-One Moulding Technology. Pergo laminate flooring is continually changing to meet the needs of their customers.

In 2004, several sub brands were introduced: Pergo American Cottage, Pergo Casual Living, Pergo Vintage Home, and Pergo Hardwood was introduced in North America. In 2009. Pergo laminate flooring introduced Perfect Fold Technology, another new technical feature that customers will appreciate. The first in the industry to introduce this Perfect Fold Technology, others will probably follow. Pergo laminate flooring is and always has been a leader in the laminate flooring industry. With 30+ official years in the Pergo laminate flooring business, Pergo has became a leader, by listening to what their customers want.

Pergo Elegant Expressions Seagrove Pine laminate flooring
Pergo Elegant Expressions Seagrove Pine laminate flooring

An Environmentally Conscious Company

Pergo is concerned about our environment, therefore; many decisions are based on the impacts these decisions will have on our environment. Pergo was the first laminate flooring company to receive certification following ISO 14001, which shows that Pergo laminate flooring has an accepted environmental system in place. With 80 % of the materials used in production consisting of wood surplus from the wood industry, recycling is a word used in the world of Pergo laminate flooring. Renewable wood products are used, such as pine and spruce. Wood species found in the rain forests, which are threatened with extinction, are never used in the manufacturing process of Pergo laminate flooring.

Pergo Quality Flooring

Affordable laminate flooring, environmentally friendly, and high quality flooring are what Pergo laminate flooring can offer you. With a strong, successful company history, which has been consumer driven; Pergo laminate flooring can be found in many homes all around the world. With more than 650 employees worldwide, Pergo laminate flooring continues to make use of new technology; as well as listen to the needs of today’s Pergo customer. A company with a strong work ethic, Pergo,is sure to be around for many years to come. With more than 250 flooring ideas inspired by wood, minerals, and trends, Pergo will continue to be a major player in the worldwide laminate flooring industry.

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