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How Thick is Laminate Flooring With Underlayment

Dear Bob and Betsy,
I know I’m supposed to add underlayment before I install my new floors but I am worried it’ll be too high off the ground.  How thick is laminate flooring with underlayment? Will I be able to tell the difference?
– Stephanie S.

Dear Stephanie,

To know how thick laminate flooring with underlayment is for your home, you need to first decide what type of underlayment you need to buy.

Underlayment comes in various sizes and thickness levels. You will determine the level you need based on what type of subfloor you have, what type of vapor barrier you need, and how much sound protection you want. Let’s look at how to find the right underlayment for your home.

1. Does your laminate flooring already have underlayment attached?

Some types of flooring has underlayment pre-attached. In this case, the manufacturer will specify how thick the underlayment is so you will know how thick your total flooring will be.

2. Do you have a wood sub-floor?

If so, and your flooring already has underlayment attached, you will not need to buy any extra. If you do not have underlayment pre-attached, there are a few types you can buy. The standard type is 3MM underlayment. This is the most basic type you can get. It’s very thin. A step up from that is Vapor 3-in-1 silver or Provent Silent Sapor 3-in-1. This keeps moisture out and reduces noise from walking on the floors. The top of the line underlayment is Floor Muffler Ultra Seal and Roberts Silent 3-in-1. These are thicker types of underlayment but they offer the best protection.

3. Do you have a cement sub-floor?

If you do, and there is already underlayment attached to your flooring, you will still need to buy a vapor barrier. If not, you can use the vapor barrier 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 blue as a basic type of underlayment. For higher quality underlayment, opt for the same type of underlayment as we referenced above with the wood subfloor. Underlayment ranges from 2mm to 4mm thick. To avoid your flooring becoming too thick after installation we suggest buying higher quality, thinner underlayment. This way it will not add too much height to your flooring area.

Finding the right accessories for your installation is important. If you have more questions, give us a call or start a chat with one of our team members today. With our help, you will find the perfect underlayment for your room and flooring.

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