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Is tile laminate flooring in planks or individual squares?

Is tile laminate flooring in planks or individual squares? It is available in both planks and individual squares with many different designs and styles!

Single Tile Design

Single tile designs are just as they sound. Each laminate piece is one, single tile design. Most of these floors have beveled or micro-beveled edges to give the feel and appearance of grout. These tiles can either be square or rectangular depending on the style. These laminate tiles are normally larger in size so you won’t have to fuss with installing tiny laminate tiles. These are perfect for spaces that are large and need filled up quickly!

Faus Cresendo Single Tile Laminate
Faus Cresendo a square, single tile laminate design.
Classen VisioGrande Screed Light
Classen VisioGrande Screed Light a rectangle, single tile laminate design.

Two to Three Tile Design

Some laminate tile planks are designed with 2 to 3 smaller tiles within one laminate plank. This design style is perfect for those looking for a classic tile look without the mess of dealing with grout or tearing up old tiles. Yeah, did we mention you can install this floating floor over your old, gross tile flooring? You just have to make sure your tile subfloor is even, add an underlayment, and voila! New tile laminate flooring in a matter of hours!

Faus Premium Porcelian Cloud
Faus Premium Porcelian Cloud a 3 tile plank design.

Multi-Tile Design

Some tile laminate planks are designed with multiple tiles in one plank! These planks are for people who want a lot of variety in their tile laminate flooring. These tile laminate flooring designs will often have 5 or more tiles in one plank of laminate flooring. These types of floors are great for a smaller area where you want the floor’s tiles to match the space you’re installing it in. Installing something like a single tile laminate floor might be too overwhelming for a small space. Multi-tile design laminate flooring is perfect for these rooms, or really any room for that matter!

Faus Innovation Midnight Slate
Faus Innovation Midnight Slate a multi-tile design tile laminate flooring.

Check out our selection of tile laminate flooring and see what plank design you like most! If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-520-0961 or leave a comment below!

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