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The Top Threats to Laminate Flooring You Need to Be Aware Of

Love your laminate? We can relate. One of the best parts about having laminate flooring is the peace of mind. The material is one of the most durable on the market, so you can walk, run, play, and live comfortably knowing that your floors are safe from most risks.

Still, like any material there are threats to laminate flooring. These threats, if not dealt with immediately, could cause your floor to buckle, warp or scrape. Although tough, it’s important that you keep your eye out for these threats to stop damage before it happens.

1. Water

Laminate flooring is water resistant – not waterproof. Small amounts of water that are quickly cleaned up won’t damage your floor. However, if excess moisture sticks around for too long or puddles are left unattended, it could cause your flooring to buckle.

The trick to avoiding this threat: Clean up spills right away. If you notice any type of liquid on your floors, don’t let it go unattended.

Water can be dangerous to your laminate flooring

2. Furniture

The weight of your furniture is only a threat to your laminate flooring if you slide it along your floors. Moving a couch or heavy chair without padding the feet can cause your floor to scratch.

The trick to avoiding this threat: Add padding to the feet of any furniture that’s moved regularly. If you can, lift the furniture when moving it. Or, lift it onto a blanket and then slide your furniture across the floor. Never drag your furniture.

Transitional Living Room from Houzz
Transitional Living Room from Houzz

3. Termites

Termites are best known for their appetite for wood. Although laminate flooring is not the same as wood flooring, it is made out of wooden elements. If termites get into your home, they could chew threw the laminate and form small holes.

The trick to avoiding this threat: Keep on top of your termite warranty. If you notice any signs of termites, such as trails of wood chips on your walls or ceilings, call an exterminator right away. The sooner you banish termites from your home, the less likely it is that they will damage your floors and house.

Laminate Flooring Termite Damage (Photo Credit: The Local Guys)
Laminate Flooring Termite Damage (Photo Credit: The Local Guys)

Repairing Damaged Laminate

The good news about laminate is that it’s tough. The other good news is that it’s easy and inexpensive to fix if something goes wrong that causes it to get damaged.

To fix your laminate flooring, simply uninstall your baseboard and unlock each plank until you reach the damaged area. Uninstall the damaged planks and then replace them with fresh, new planks. You might have these left over from your first installation or you can buy a small supply of extra material to make the replacement.

Step 11Continue Installing Standard Flooring Underlayment

Need extra help? Let us know! Our flooring experts are always available for a talk. What fun tips do you have for protecting your laminate flooring? Share them in the comments below!

More Risks To Laminate Flooring and Repair Tips:

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  1. Will dog urine ruin flooring and how long will it take

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Susan, great question! Dog urine can damage a laminate floor. If the urine gets into the locking system, you could experience expansion in the locking system that leads to buckling, or bubbling. Bubbling is when the top wear layer gets moisture under it, causing the lamination to look like a bubble. Generally, if the accident is cleaned up relatively fast, you will have no problems. If it sits for a few hours, that is when problems would probably occur. Some things to keep in mind if you expect this type of issue: 1. Use a square edge laminate 2. Seal the edges with a wood flooring glue to prevent moisture into the locking system. If you expect accidents to happen, we would recommend a vinyl floor, that is moisture proof and will withstand pet accidents.

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