Transform Your Master Bedroom Into a Tranquil Oasis

Busy with hectic deadlines? Rushing home to get dinner on the table? Chances are you don’t have time to get away for a relaxing weekend somewhere. What you need is a retreat from the ordinary. What you need is your personal oasis.

Master bedroom design should feel inviting, relaxing, and most of all, decompressing. It should be your retreat from the daily grind. When you walk in, you should breathe a sign of relief. You’re home.

Here are a few ways you ways you can create a master bedroom retreat to help you wind down and relax in your own home.

Wall Color

The color of your walls has the biggest impact and sets the mood for the entire room. It’s important to choose neutral colors that create a relaxing atmosphere such as gray, cool blue, soft green, and other soft tones.

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Bedding and Curtains

With cool and neutral walls you can choose bedding and curtains that coordinate but add interest. For example, crisp white curtains up against cool blue walls or beautiful aqua paired with gray walls.

Most of what you’ll be doing in your relaxing retreat is sleeping, so the more comfortable the better. To maximize your comfort, the mattress and bedding should be the area where you dedicate a good chunk of your budget. Even if you can’t get a new mattress, a new set of quality sheets can add a luxurious feel to any bed.

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To go with the neutral, cool walls pick rich colored hardwood laminate flooring. Hardwood floors will add another layer of sophistication to create the relaxing getaway you’re going for.

As the finishing touch, add a soft area rug under your bed so that it’s the first thing your feet touch when you get out of bed.

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Sitting Area

If space allows, a sitting area is a perfect addition to a master bedroom retreat. A comfy chair with a side table and lamp will offer a cozy spot where you can relax drinking your morning coffee or kick back with a good book.

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Make Your Bed

This might sound like an odd decorating tip, but it’s a good one. Make your bed, every day. If you’re going to invest the time and effort to create a relaxing getaway space then you should go the extra mile and put the finishing touch on it. That way, when you’ve had a crazy day, walking into your master bedroom will be comforting, clean, and inviting.

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