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The modern trend is on the rise, and more lofts, salons, fitness studios and cafes are adding modern touches to their spaces. Clean lines, bright whites, and unique furniture are common in creating this signature style. One of the hottest trends we’re seeing this year is the obsession with white high gloss flooring. These floors instantly transform your space into a modern sanctuary.

Our Elesgo High Gloss White Laminate flooring, imported from Germany, has been creating trendy, beautiful customer spaces since we introduced it. You will find glossy tile flooring in many modern spaces, but tile floors are cold and hard. This laminate will replicate the temperature in the room as well as be lighter on foot. The Elesgo floors also include a sound reducing technology that is 10dB quieter when walked on compared to other flooring.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite rooms using Elesgo white high gloss flooring.

Elesgo Super Gloss Arctic White

This pure white, high gloss look creates a sleek look in this New York apartment. Complemented with dramatic lighting and artwork, this space is modern perfection.


This is a pure white floor that instantly brightens any space. A rolled bevel edge creates definition without being overbearing.

Elesgo Super Gloss Arctic White
Elesgo Super Gloss Arctic White

Here’s another look at a modern living room using Elesgo Super Gloss Arctic White from our friends at Perrino Custom Home Building and Remodeling.

Elesgo Super Gloss White Laminate Elesgo Super Gloss White Laminate

Elesgo Super Gloss White

The Elesgo Super Gloss White is very similar to the Arctic White, but it is not as bright of a white. You can see from the photos below the slight difference in color. We recommend requesting a free sample of any high gloss flooring to see how it looks in your home with your lighting and decor.

Elesgo Super Gloss White

Here’s a zen bedroom from Miami, complete with orchids, custom furniture, and Buddha art. Elesgo Super Gloss White gives instant simplicity to the space.

Glossy White Floor Glossy White Floor

Mix & Match

You can even mix and match the other Elesgo colors for an amazingly chic look. The Bombshell Brow Salon in New Jersey used the Elesgo Arctic White laminate with the Elesgo Super Gloss Black laminate. They have the same locking system, so you can mix and match the styles for an eye-catching look.

The Bombshell Brow Salon
The Bombshell Brow Salon
The Bombshell Brow Salon
The Bombshell Brow Salon

What are your thoughts on the white high gloss flooring trend? If you’re not into the high gloss look, you can shop all of our white floors here. Unfortunately, the flooring featured in this article is discontinued. However, the Falquon line carries very similar flooring!

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  1. Hi Paul! We no longer carry the Elesgo high gloss but we have placed that high gloss line with the following: Falquon

  2. I am interested in your Alesko Super gloss Artic White and your Alesko Super Gloss White laminate flooring! I need samples sent to me ASAP!

  3. Hi Barbie! You would be able to float the high gloss white flooring over marble floors. You can see our selection of High Gloss

  4. Hi! Can artic white flooring be placed on marble floors and where I Cándida this flooring in miami ?

  5. Hi Maty, you have 202.35 sqft total to cover with 5% waste factored in. The Elesgo high gloss white has 20.67 sqft/box. You would need 10 boxes for a total of: $818.38
    with shipping.

  6. Hi my room size is 185inches by 150 inches how many packs would I need the high white gloss laminated and how much do I have to pay

  7. Hi Will, thanks for the question. In short, sheet vinyl is just a thin layer of vinyl that comes in a roll and is glued down. Laminate is a wood product that is usually 8mm+ thick and floats together. A vinyl can be glued down or floating, but is like laminate in that it is thicker and can float together. Vinyl is waterproof and some laminate is. You can learn more about laminate and vinyl here plus compare them:

  8. Can you explain to me the differences between Vinyl, laminate and linoleum floors?? I have a high gloss sheet style flooring {lino} in all of the bathrooms that was already in the home when we moved in 9 years ago. I always thought that “vinyl” and lino flooring were basically the same? Anyway, I actually like the gloss on the lino, it’s still in good condition but want to update with a more modern look. Looking around for a similar product, I’m finding most if not all styles of floor are low gloss or dull finish. I’m not really into grouting and want something EASY, durable, med to high gloss as I don’t like the low sheens. I also have actual hard ceramic grouted tile in my kitchen leading out to the entry. There’s a lot of it, in great condition, cleans easily, satin sheen, but the darker grout lines {dark mocha}with its neutral tone tiles feel dated. BTW, I’m in the Seattle area.

  9. Hi Caroline, you can order a free sample on the white high gloss floors within each product listing here:

  10. Caroline Urquhart

    can l get a sampal for the white gloss

  11. Hi I need 20 meters of high gloss white how much would it be tel 07366343066

  12. Hi Maureen, you will need 323 sqft. This is 16 boxes. You can order the flooring here:

  13. Hi it’s Maureen again

    I need 30 Sq meter

    How much please

  14. Hi Maureen, you have 544 sqft to cover. The amount of boxes you will need in the high gloss Elesgo is 27. It takes us 1-3 business days to receive and process your order.

  15. Hello
    I need 34 foot by 16 foot how much will I need?

    How soon can you deliver?


  16. Hi Kristy, we have an Elesgo high gloss flooring brand, but it is a laminate. This means it has high durability and scratch resistance, but it is not waterproof. People use laminate in their kitchens all the time, but keep in mind it will get damaged with water and moisture exposure. You can take a look at the brand here:

  17. Hi there,
    I’m looking for options for high gloss white flooring and I’d like to know how suitable it would be for a kitchen and mudroom based on its degree of scratch and water resistance.

  18. Hi Kathyrn, give us a call at 800-520-0961 and we can discuss our international shipping options with you!

  19. I am located in Vancouver Canada and need 640 square feet. Do you supply here or have a source for the product and an installer by chance? Last what is the delivery time period?

  20. Hi Tracey, you can find our high gloss options here:

  21. I am looking for white high gloss

  22. Hi Victoria! You would need 13 boxes, which is $857.18. It is 264.6 with 5% waste factored in. Let us know if we can get a quote for you! Be sure to check out weekly promotions to save extra!

  23. Victoria Pridgeon

    12’x21′ super gloss artic white price?

  24. Hi James, thanks for your inquiry. We don’t have any high gloss vinyl, but you can take a look at this white high gloss laminate: If you are only interested in vinyls, you can browse our white vinyls here and order free samples:

  25. hi i am in need of a piece of high gloss snow white vinyl 18 foot 5 in x 11 feet could you tell me the price

  26. Thanks for your comment! We have Elesgo Super Gloss Arctic White 772331 and Elesgo Super Gloss White 772316 laminate floors, both great high gloss white options. We would be happy to send you free samples, you can order directly on our website or give us a call at 1-800-520-0961. Best of luck with your project!

  27. To my knowledge you are the only supplied in the US who carries high-gloss white flooring. I have been looking for 3 years to replace the high-gloss white Markland flooring Ikea discontinued in 2015 with no luck. I hope this product works, because there is nothing else out there!

  28. Hi Lisa! You can either order online or call in your order at 800-520-0961. Here is the link to order online: If you have any problems, please let us know!

  29. How do I order this arctic white flooring?

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