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Types of Moldings for Laminate Flooring Installation

Dear Bob and Betsy,
Help! I’m getting ready to install my new floors and I missed one important step – the moldings! What types of moldings for laminate flooring installation do I need?
– Al G.

Dear Al,

Your moldings are the last step in your flooring project. These are the finishing pieces that make your floors look complete. They’re also vital to the comfort and safety of your floors.

There are many types of moldings you can choose from. Each serves a distinct purpose.

  • Base Shoe Molding. This molding covers the space between the wall and your floors. If you have mere millimeters left to cover your flooring, you don’t want to have to cut a normal sized plank down to a tiny sliver. With a base shoe molding, you don’t have to.
Wall Base Molding - Laminate Flooring Accessories at Bestlaminate
Wall Base Molding – Laminate Flooring Accessories at Bestlaminate
  • End Molding. This is used in the doorways that lead to the exterior of the house.
End Cap Molding - Bestlaminate Accessories
End Cap Molding – Laminate Flooring Accessories at Bestlaminate
  • T Molding. This molding is used to join rooms where the flooring is at the same level.
T-Modling - Bestlaminate Molding
T-Modling – Laminate Flooring Accessories at Bestlaminate
  • Reducer Molding. This type of molding makes it easy to join rooms where the floors are just slightly uneven. This is not the same type of molding as you’ll use on your stairways.
Reducer Molding - Bestlaminate Moldings
Reducer Molding – Laminate Flooring Accessories at Bestlaminate
  • Stair Nose Molding. Are you installing laminate on your stairs? You’ll want to use reducer molding to join the laminate across the varying heights.

versatrim stair nose

As you can see there are a variety of types of moldings available. Before you begin your project, it’s a good idea to determine where you’ll need to “finish” your floors. Then, choose the right type of molding that will help you naturally and easily blend your laminate with the other rooms inside and outside of your house. These are the best way to give your flooring a more polished look.

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