Vinyl Plank Flooring vs Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring vs Vinyl Sheet Flooring

You’ve decided that vinyl flooring is the floor type that will best fit your home, congratulations! Now, you need to decide on the color, style, and whether you choose vinyl planks or vinyl sheets… But which is better?

Vinyl Plank Flooring VS Vinyl Sheet Flooring

The Similarities

Both forms of vinyl flooring are 100% waterproof and most are made of virgin vinyl. These floors are great for busy households with pets or kids. The vinyl material is exactly the same across both plank and sheet vinyl flooring. Unfortunately, this is where the similarities end.

The Differences

Despite being the same material, there are some fundamental differences between sheet vinyl and plank vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl comes on a large roll, similar to linoleum flooring. It is installed in one big sheet that covers your space, with no visible seams.

Plank vinyl flooring comes in a plank style similarly to laminate flooring, and is installed plank by plank to create a natural wood look. Vinyl plank flooring also has a sturdy fiberglass backing to it, unlike vinyl sheet flooring, which needs to be rolled out therefor making any rigidity impossible.

Luxury Vinyl Sheet Flooring Rolls
Luxury Vinyl Sheet Flooring Rolls from Mannington
Feather Lodge Knock Out Del Mar vinyl plank flooring
Feather Lodge Knock Out Del Mar vinyl plank flooring

Is One Better than the Other?

In the end, both materials are the same, however, vinyl plank flooring is definitely better when it comes to ease of installation. Installing vinyl plank flooring is very DIY friendly. Since the flooring comes in small planks, you can install it yourself. No need to hassle with an installer! The planks simply click together to create a smooth and seamless surface. You don’t have to worry about any bubbling or peeling around the edges of your installation either.

Sheet vinyl flooring has the tendency of curling up over time and since there is no distinction between planks, it will be very obvious that the flooring is not real wood or stone material. However  with vinyl plank flooring, the planks are very distinct, textured and will make the floor look very authentic, whether it’s wood or stone. Vinyl plank flooring is the perfect choice for anyone wanting the look and feel of natural flooring, but needs water resistance and better durability.

Berry/Alloc DreamClick Pro River Oak Greige vinyl plank flooring
Berry/Alloc DreamClick Pro River Oak Greige vinyl plank flooring

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  1. Hi Alan, Yes, you need a moisture barrier when a click lock floor has a cork back. If it has a rubberized (IXPE or EVA) foam backing, you do not need a moisture barrier.

  2. do you need a water barrier if the click n lock flooring has backing?

  3. Hi Gary, The highest rated noise reduction underlayment for vinyl flooring that we carry is the Floor Muffler LVT

  4. What is the best underlayment for impact noise reduction? I am planning on luxury vinyl plank flooring for my condo which most likely would be glued down.

  5. Hi Besie! You can buy vinyl plank flooring on our website here: You can also order free samples from the product pages. Let us know if you have any questions!

  6. How can I get it

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