What to Watch Out For When Buying Discount Flooring

When it comes to redoing the floors in your home, have you considered discount flooring? Buying new floors at a low price is a bargain. However, before you whip out your credit card on a good deal, it’s important to consider just how discount a discount floor really is. Are there extra costs associated with the flooring of choice? Will the flooring last you for years to come? Or will you have to replace it in another few years as it gets dented, dinged, or scraped?

There’s a lot to think about beyond the price tag. Before you buy discount flooring, watch out for the following 5 important factors.

1. The True Coloring

As inspirational as images are online or in the shop, it’s impossible to know what the flooring will look like until it is in your home. Get a sample of your flooring before you buy the entire batch so you can compare what it will look like with your call colors, home décor, and other flooring. This will give you the true idea of what to expect when you install new flooring in your home no matter the cost.

2. The True Cost

There are many variables to consider when determining the cost of your flooring. For example, how much flooring will you need? Will you need someone to help you install the flooring, or will you do it on your own? If you do it on your own, how much will it be for the extra essentials, such as underlayment or molding? Knowing these costs will help you determine just how “discount” your discount flooring really is, so there are no surprises at the end.

3. The Durability

The area where you lay your new flooring will have a big impact on the durability you’ll need. Some discount flooring, such as laminate, is highly durable even in high traffic locations. For your flooring to be truly discounted, it has to withstand the test of time. When searching for flooring at a good price, choose the materials that will stand up to high levels of traffic, drops, spills, and stains. Each type of flooring has a different AC Rating. Laminate flooring uses an AC rating to determine the durability of the flooring – the higher the rating, the better the durability. Knowing the rating of your floors will help you know what to expect, no matter the price.

4. Reviews

You may find a floor that you absolutely love, but once you begin the purchase process, you find that lots of customers have rated this flooring poorly for one reason or another. We recommend finding and reading reviews from real customers who have purchased the flooring you love. Weigh the pros and cons of their testimony and make an assessment for your family’s needs and wants. Reviews are a great way to test a floor without any damage to you!

5. The Cleaning Ritual

Once you’ve unpacked, acclimated, installed, and are living with your flooring, you’ll need to clean it on a regular basis. The cleaning ritual is important to consider so you can protect your flooring and keep it looking spotless for the long haul. Some floors, such as laminate, are not waterproof but still use water to clean. Others require special solutions to clean. These solutions can add up over time costing you even more money. Knowing the cleaning ritual you can expect to take with your new floors makes a difference on the overall price.

Your floors have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your room. Without considering the look, total installation cost, and longevity of your floors, you could end up paying more than you realize for a supposedly cheaper offer. While many discount floors are durable and high-quality, some are not. Consider these factors before making your next purchase.

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