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What is an AC rating for laminate flooring?

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The AC rating for laminate flooring is how the durability of your flooring is measured. Every laminate is rated based on a series of rigorous tests, including an abrasion test, burn resistance, impact resistance, stain resistance, and swelling under moist conditions.

What are the AC Ratings?

  • AC1 /21-Moderate Residential– suitable only for moderate residential use such as a bedroom or a closet
  • AC2/22 General Residential– suitable for “normal residential” applications such as living rooms and dining rooms.
  • AC3 /23 Heavy Residential – good for all residential applications
  • AC3 /31 Moderate Commercial – ideal for all residential applications plus light commercial such as hotel rooms or small offices
  • AC4 /32 General Commercial– use for all residential plus general commercial applications such as offices, boutiques and cafes
  • AC5 /33 Heavy Commercial – great for all residential applications plus heavy commercial applications such as public buildings, department stores etc.

AC rating chart

*Please note: Bestlaminate does not carry AC1 or AC2 rated laminate flooring due to it’s poor performance rating. We suggest AC3 rated laminate flooring for all residential applications.

Which AC Rating Should I Choose?

The more demanding and busy the area you will be installing in will be, the higher of an AC rating you should choose.

Keep in mind that the AC rating for laminate flooring and thickness of the flooring are not related. Thicker flooring provides greater stability, while AC rating measures the actual durability of your laminate flooring.

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