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What is Laminate Flooring Texture?

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What exactly is laminate flooring texture? Simply put, this is how the laminate flooring feels beneath your feet. Laminate flooring is offered in different textures that can create an aesthetic appearance. Some people might take texture into consideration when choosing the right flooring for them. Some textures may be subtle and soft, while some may appear more visible.  The most common textures you will find in laminate flooring are: Smooth/Satin, Handscraped, Brushed, Oiled Wood, and Traditional Wood Textured.

The Different Laminate Flooring Textures

Smooth Texture Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring with a smooth finish often has a “satin finish.” This finish is very soft and subtle and does not have deep grain texture. Laminate flooring with a satin finish will often have a shiny appearance to it and it’s grain will be more apparent when light hits it at the right angle. Cleaning smooth textured laminate flooring is easy and hassle-free.

Quick Step Eligna Tropical Koa Smooth laminate flooring

Handscraped Laminate Flooring

Handscraped laminate flooring is the most similar in texture to real hardwood flooring. You will find knots of random scraped textures with a variety of colors and patterns.  You can find handscraped textures that are deeper, or you can find softer handscraped floors labeled “softscraped” that will not have as dramatic texture to them.

feather step rock creek oak handscraped laminate flooring

Brushed Laminate Flooring

Brushed laminate flooring is a soft textured finish that appears as though it was actually brushed with metal wire. This texture option is very popular in vintage styles, as it gives a worn and aged look. This type of texturing can either follow the contours and knots of the wood design or it can be styled like the cross-cut style of hardwood. Either way, it can really add character to a flooring!


Oiled Wood Laminate Flooring

Oiled Wood Laminate flooring is often found in nature inspired designs. The flooring texture is meant to mimic the look and feel of well-cared for hardwood. It has a beautiful sheen to it to look like freshly oiled hardwood flooring. It’s a beautiful flooring choice for any room, really!

Wood Textured Laminate Flooring

Wood Textured Laminate Flooring is the most diverse texture option. Almost any floor that doesn’t have a specific texturing style can fall under this category. You will find a variety of texture designs within this style. Some textures may have a synchronized wood appearance; some may have a ridged appearance. Some textures will be very noticeable and extreme, while others will be softer and need the right angle of light to be seen.

Clarion Chagrin Falls oak laminate flooring wood texture

High Gloss Piano Finish

High gloss piano finish is a shiny and reflective surface on the laminate. Essentially it does not have a “texture.” It is completely smooth without any indents or ridges. High gloss finishes look classy and modern. However, they can require a lot of maintenance to keep looking perfect since they are prone to making smudges and fingerprints visible.

Falquon High gloss black vinyl plank flooring


Not sure which texture is your favorite? Click here to order free samples to determine which will work best for your home!

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