What is the Best Saw for Cutting Laminate Flooring?

There are a couple things to consider when deciding what is the best saw for cutting laminate flooring. Laminate flooring, because of its durability, is a very hard material. While any type of saw (table, circular, jigsaw, etc.) can be used to cut planks, the type of blade used can make a huge difference.

1. Teeth of the Blade

The first thing to remember is to use a blade with as many teeth as possible. Depending on the size of the saw, tooth-count could be over 100. A blade with 100 teeth or more will lead to a clean cut without jagged edges, a must have for a clean looking cut.

2. Blade Strength

Be sure that the teeth of the blade are going to stand up! Make sure the blade has carbide-tipped teeth. Carbide-tipped saws will last longer and will hold up to the hard laminate flooring better than saw blades without it. Keep in mind, however, even carbide blades will dull, so have a couple handy so you can switch out during your installation. The last thing you want to do is make a run to the store when  you’re in the middle of an installation!

3. The Type of Saw

Now, the important question, which type of saw works best? It depends on the cuts you are making! While a table saw or circular saw works great for straight cuts, you’ll want to use a jigsaw for any odd cuts around pipes or door jambs. You will have better control and maneuverability to make these tricky cuts with a more portable saw.

4. Special Tools

Aside from saws, there are also cutting tools made specifically for laminate flooring. These resemble a paper cutter, but for laminate flooring. The flooring cutters are great time and waste savers for multiple or larger projects, but may not be worth the investment if you are doing a smaller DIY.

best saw for cutting laminate flooring

Follow these guidelines and you should be able to find the best saw for cutting laminate flooring in no time! If you have a saw suggestion, write it in the comments below!

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  1. Avatar

    Hi Grant, thanks for sharing which saw worked for you!

  2. Avatar

    Ok I tried the Bullet Tools shear a few weeks ago at a tradeshow and LOVED IT! The cheap one I use must be a knock off because it is nothing compared to the quality of cut and durability of the Bullet Tools shear.

  3. Alana Kane

    Thanks for the great resource and feedback Grant! We will look into these saws and update our information. Thanks again!

  4. Avatar

    So true! Find a saw blade that has as many teeth as possible because the chipping on the laminate is horrendous. I have actually used one of those laminate cutters or guillotine cutters, I’m not sure what everyone calls them. Look at this one or do what I like to do and search for cheap one on amazon 🙂 http://www.bullettools.com/flooring/9-in-ez-shear-sharpshooter-siding-laminate-cutter

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