What is the tongue and groove on laminate flooring?

Explanation of the the tongue and groove on laminate flooring

Each laminate flooring plank contains a tongue and groove, these edges of the board cause your locking system to click together.

The tongue on laminate flooring is the small flat edge on one side of the board, this is the top edge that is going to angle and lock into the bottom side of another board. The opposite side, the bottom side, will contain the groove edge, which is a larger, wider side that contains a lip to hold the boards together when locked.

The tongue and groove are important because they keep your flooring locked together. A damaged tongue and groove on laminate flooring can cause improper installation or instability.

When installing, be patient with the tongue and groove. Some floors click together easier than others, and some floors require slightly different locking techniques. Practice locking planks together until you are left with a seamless and gap-less lock. Once you are able to create a seamless surface, your installation will be simple and successful.

Raised Locking System

If you would like to see how the tongue and groove system work yourself, order a couple of samples and practice locking the floors together! It costs nothing for you!

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