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What You Need to Know About The Different Hardwood Flooring Moldings

by Bob and Betsy
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[box type=”shadow”]Dear Bob and Betsy,
I’m getting set to buy all the things I need for my hardwood flooring installation project. I’m stuck on one though – the moldings. Can you help? What are the different hardwood flooring moldings? How do I know what I need?
– Hilary K.[/box]

Dear Hilary,

Congratulations on your flooring project! This is an exciting time. When the installation begins, you’ll quickly find your hardwood flooring will need a few finishing touches. Moldings are designed to finish areas in several different ways. We have compiled more information for you to help to decide what’s best for you. Cheers! Bob & Betsy

The moldings are used to hide certain areas where there are sharp drop offs or necessary gaps. It gives your flooring project a completed look. Although there are many different types of hardwood flooring moldings, you most likely will not need all of them.

Here are the various types to be on the look out for and what they’re used for. With this in mind, you can find the right moldings for your flooring.

Quarter Round Molding

Hardwood Quarter Round Molding

The hardwood flooring needs room to expand and contrast as the temperature and humidity levels fluctuate. To allow for the extra room, you’ll have a few gaps around the perimeter of the room. The quarter round moldings cover these gaps up without inhibiting the natural ebb and flow of your wood flooring.


T molding

At some point, your hardwood floors will reach a doorway and merge with a different type of flooring. Without a t-molding in place, you could leave nails, staples, or unsightly seams exposed. The t-molding ensures the floors match up evenly with other types of flooring, giving it a seamless look and feel.

Reducer Molding

Hardwood Reducer Molding

A reducer molding is used to make a smooth transition between hardwood floor and floors of a different height. You may love your hardwood floor, but you may want vinyl or tile in your bathroom or kitchen. You may even want carpet in your home (for some reason). This is where the reducer molding will come in handy. You would use this molding to transition from your hardwood floor to vinyl, tile, or carpet.

Threshold Molding

Hardwood Threshold Molding

A threshold can also be referred to as an end-cap. This type of molding is primarily used to finish off the end of a floor in front of a door, fireplace, or other area where you may want a more finished look. This piece can also be used against carpet. The carpet butts up next to the rounded edge, while the lip covers the end of the hardwood.

Stair Nose Molding 

Hardwood Stair Nose Molding

If you’re installing your hardwood on stairs, you’ll need to cover the front edge of the step. The flooring is then installed behind the stair nose molding to cover the step. This creates a lovely finished look to your staircase!

Not sure which types of molding you’ll need or how to buy them? We’re here to help! Contact one of our flooring experts for the 411 on hardwood flooring moldings.

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Amy Saunders November 14, 2021 - 7:37 pm

My boss has been thinking of remodeling the reception area of our office. It’s really fascinating to find out from your article that hardwood flooring can be affected by temperature change and it is important to accommodate such condition by providing adequate spaces. I’ll make sure he looks further into this option when he makes his purchase later.

Vanessa November 29, 2021 - 9:07 am

Thanks Amy. If you have any questions, let us know!


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