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What Your Photo Studio Is Missing – Studio Design Inspiration

by Bestlaminate
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Congrats! You’ve finally opened your own photo studio! You took all the classes, got the best equipment, and have done your time at other photo studios learning the ropes. Now you can finally create your own style, in your own photo studio.

But wait!

Have you considered your flooring?

Despite what you may think, flooring can play a really important role in the look and feel of your pictures. A floor isn’t something that you just walk on — it’s part of the atmosphere and background of your photos!

Let’s take a look at how some of our amazing photographer customers have transformed their studio spaces with laminate floorings.

Versatile Rustic

Take for instance, Karen Roberts Photography who purchased Classen Premium Fresco Laminate for her home photography studio. She envisioned an all white room that can be easily dressed up for sessions.

Classen Fresco Laminate in Karen Roberts Photo Studio

Karen Roberts Photography – Classen Premium Fresco White Washed Oak

Karen Roberts Photography - Classen Premium Fresco

Karen Roberts Photography – Classen Premium Fresco White Washed Oak

This weather-worn, white flooring is absolutely perfect for her style, and looks fabulous in her photos! She has transformed the flooring into an element of the photograph. If you take a look at her work, you will see it used in a variety of styles and artistic ways.

Classen Fresco Laminate in Karen Roberts Photo Studio

Karen Roberts Photography

Shabby, Yet Chic

With a rustic feel in the studio, Genie Leigh Photography opted for the grey-tinted Kronoswiss Noblesse Shabby Chic. Another white-wash-esque floor that is crazy versatile for photographers. It can be played down as shabby, rustic and worn, or it can be played up as cute and chic.

Even this small touch of flooring is enough to create a cohesive photograph. Think if the floor was a regular yellow-brown, plain jane floor or even a plain white fabric back-drop. It would not tie in nearly as well as it is here. Genie Leigh Photography is really taking the look of the floor and making it add an extra dimension in their photos.

Karen Robert’s also added Kronoswiss Shabby Chic to her outdoor photography studio. As you can see, it can be dressed up for any season and looks great on the walls!

Kronoswiss Shabby Chic in Karen Roberts Photo Studio

Karen Roberts Photography – Kronoswiss Shabby Chic Laminate

Pure, Bright, Fresh

Kyung Jung, a DC based photographer at Yellowhale Portraits, also had the same vision when she used Quick-Step Eligna White Brushed Pine laminate in her modern loft photo studio.

Yellowhale photo studio with white laminate flooring

Yellowhale Photography

Modern Grey

Kronoswiss Interlaken Oak in Photography Studio

Amy Tripple Photography

Not sure about white or shabby chic flooring? A modern grey is a versatile option that adds warmth without overpowering the space. Amy Tripple Photography opted for this Kronoswiss Interlaken Oak laminate with wide planks to give her studio a sophisticated, modern feel with a touch of rustic appeal.

Amy says, “the color is just stunning and it adds to the light, airy feel of the studio. The floor is one of the first things people comment on when they enter the new space. An added bonus is how easy it is to clean and maintain.  It’s also been super durable – a must for a space that’s often full of energetic, lively kiddos. We’re thrilled with how this project turned out!”.

What If I Can’t Afford A Full Renovation?

No problem! Laminate flooring is quick to install as a backdrop. With the easy click and lock installations, you can purchase 2-3 boxes of flooring and create a room scene set-up quickly and efficiently! Just lock the flooring together in front of a pre-made backdrop, without any underlayment, and you have yourself a quick and easy floor! And when you’re done with the photo shoot, just unlock the floor and put it away. It’s a practical choice if you want to create many different styles with your photos. You can purchase many different designs, such as rustic, coastal, grey, black, etc. for that exact look you need.

Whether you do a full installation or buy different styles for easy switching, laminate flooring is a good choice for photo studios for more than one reason. They’re durable, easy to install, and good for quick clean ups. If you’re own a new photo studio space that needs a little TLC, or if you have owned a studio space for a while that needs a fresh new look, consider it carefully. A unique floor can add so much more than a walking surface!


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